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5 Simple Ways To Release Your Anxieties Using The Power of Sat's Full Moon



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5 Simple Ways to let go of your worries using the power of Saturday 11thFebruary's Full Moon

Work with the energy of the moon to help you move forward in life

  • If you are itching to move onandstart making plans or living the life you wantbut keep getting drawn back to your worries or concerns, it's time to work with the tools that have been around since time begun.

  • As humans we experience the energy from the moon that help us to make positive life-changing actions.

The full moon is the most powerful point in the moon cycle, shining in all its glory this phase of the moon is linked to harvest time as we reap what we sow. The energy from the full moon is intense; scientifically the moon's gravity pulls on Earth and impacts the oceans by causing tides during the full moon cycle.

As humans we are made up of 75% water, so we will feel the pull during this phase of the moon, which can impact our behaviour.

We can make the most of this intense energy and reflect on where are currently in our life and release what is holding us back by letting it go.This is a time to release negative thoughts, self-doubts, worries and concerns by handing it over to the universe to move forward on our path.

The next full moon in the UK will be at 00:33 on Saturday 11thFebruary, this is an ideal time to release all of your concerns. The energy will be at its strongest at this point, but 24 hours either side of this time will also work.

5 Ways on How to let go of your concerns:

  1. Quietly sit and on a piece of paper write at the top "I release and surrender"

  2. List all of the worries, concerns, fears that are troubling you at the present time

  3. Sign off the list by writing that you hand over to the universe and give thanks.

  4. With your paper, place on a fire or set alight in a safe and controlled environment.

  5. As your paper goes up in flames, so do all of your worries into the universe.

Carrying out this exercise every full moon will help strengthen the releasing process.

Be prepared for emotions to be at a high at least 24 hours after completing this exercise, as you will be letting go of what no longer serves you in order for you to move forward.


Josie Copsey spent 17 years in the corporate world helping companies such as Unilever, Royal Bank of Scotland and Superdry to transform their business and develop their people personally and professionally. Josie's experience in transformation and wellbeing has helped to change thousands of people lives.


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