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Five time management tips from new book out today - Fit Body, Fit Business

Five Top Time Management Tips

‘Fit Body, Fit Business' Book Out Today


'Fit Body, Fit Business' by Adam Strong (Filament Publishing, January 2017, £14.99) is officially out today, so to celebrate we thought we'd share some extracts with you about the age-old problem we have as busy professionals: time management. Adam Strong shares five tools that he uses to develop a finely-honed time management skill, so that's one less thing to worry about!

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  1. Plan holidays in advance and stick to the plan!

Living your life comes first and the best way to plan is to book your holidays in advance. The best way to do this is to purchase a big wall planner and make sure it has all the public holidays including Christmas and Easter on it. If you have children, make a list of all their school holidays. Commit to those dates and take the allocated holiday time. I always find that even a long weekend away is great way to recharge my batteries.

  1. Double-up your diaries!

Effective timemanagement starts with your diary. Ideally have two, one on paper, the other electronic. Using a diary is a great way to plan so use it for things like attending your children's sports day, going to the gym, and business appointments. Whatever it is, stick it in. Get a virtual or personal assistant so they manage your diary and appointments. One of my preferred ways of managing my time is to use ScheduleOnce, which is an online time management programme, so if people want to book a time to speak with me, they see when I'm available and pick a time that suits them.

  1. Show up a few minutes early, every time!

Feeling overwhelmed and that you don't have enough time in the day are both common. My advice is to get into the office at least 10 minutes early. By getting in early, you don't fall behind with your schedule and you can avoid unnecessary stress. So start with the small changes as they can make a big difference!

  1. Know your goals!

Having goals is very important as they give you purpose, focus and direction. An action plan is key to strategising. It will guide you in achieving your goals and objectives, and set out when you are going to achieve them by.

  1. Delegate when necessary!

Sometimes it's hard to delegate because you feel you are the only one who can complete a particular task to the high standards you set. You believe that you are the only one who can do the task. One of the key qualities to being a successful leader is to trust in your belief in others. If you feel that someone else could do a particular task to a high standard, then delegate it to them. By putting trust in others, you empower them and build successful relationships. You should understand that everyone has the same 24 hours as everybody else, so it makes sense for you to focus on growing the business and not micromanaging the organisation.


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