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“New Year’s Resolutions never work. Enter 5 steps to help make them stick..."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 30thNovember 2016

Josie Copsey

Aeracura Life Coaching Ltd

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"New Year's Resolutions will never work, so here are 5 steps tohelpmake them stick..."

...Says top life coach, Josie Copsey

  • In 2015 BUPA/ComRes found that 66% UK population who made New Year's Resolutions failed to keep them going past one month

  • Life Change Expert Josie Copsey has pioneered new approach based on goal setting

  • Research says January is the worst month to make a resolution, yet we still pick this month to try to change

Use January to plan what you want to achieve in 2017. Your goals for the year must be realistic; they should excite you and scare you at the same time.

5 Steps on How to make your 2017 goals come to life

  • Get creative and develop a roadmap of the year for your goals; focus on what actions need to be taken to make your goal happen. It's also important to plan how you will celebrate success once you've achieved a key activity and your goal.

  • Personal affirmationsare a great tool to help with self-belief and a reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to. Write affirmations to support your goals on sticky notes and position in places where you can regularly see them - the fridge door, the bedroom mirror, or even your nightstand!

  • Bring your dreams to life with a vision board. Grab a corkboard and magazines containing words and images that match your goals and place on the board. Position in a hotspot of your home where you can see the board daily and imagine you achieving your goals every time you look at it.

  • Creative visualisation helps your brain to see more of how you want life to be.Before you go to sleep, see you achieving your goals as a film in your minds eye with as much detail as possible; where you are, what you are doing, experience the feeling and emotions that go with this. With regular practice, you will start to notice changes happen.

  • Ask out to the universe.Noel Edmunds asked the universe to help him with the TV show, Deal or No Deal. Writing a letter to the universe is the most effective way to do this; be clear on what you want and keep your thoughts positive when asking out. Remember to say thank you at the end of the letter, sign your name and place in an envelope addressed to the universe.



Josie Copsey spent 17 years in the corporate world helping companies such as Unilever, Royal Bank of Scotland and Superdry to transform their business and develop their people personally and professionally. Josie's experience in transformation and wellbeing has helped to change thousands of people's lives to work in a job they love whilst having a great work life balance.


For further information contact:Josie Copsey,, by 01473 550576