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Histamine Intolerance .... Not To Be Sneezed At!




While we're all pretty savvy when it comes to the idea of taking an anti-histamine to control hay fever and other common allergies, not many actually know much more about histamine than that.


Histamine intolerance, however is a condition which can be the result of a high histamine diet the chief culprits being: red wine and beer, cheese, yeast, shellfish, some fruits and vegetables, most fish, chocolate and cured meats such as salami and chorizo. 


Histamine is naturally created by the body as a defence mechanism when it detects what it thinks is something harmful. Usually, the histamine is broken down by an enzyme in the gut but some foods can lead to a build up of histamine resulting in a number of unpleasant symptoms ranging from itchy eyes and skin, hives, eczema, wheeziness, bloating and a runny nose as well as, in some cases, IBS.


Histamine intolerance does not show up in standard food allergy tests because the condition does not involve an over reaction of the immune system. But if you find yourself suffering with a range of inexplicable symptoms such as those mentioned above it would be well to look at histamine intolerance as being a cause. Mention your suspicions to your GP who may be able to organise a test for the enzyme involved (Diamine Oxidase).


Also worth considering is trying Toxaprevent, a new licensed product designed to remove excess histamine from the body. Available in either capsule and sachet form, it uses a clean, tried and tested zeolite called MANC which has been shown to absorb and eliminate histamine as it passes through the digestive tract.


TOXAPREVENT® PLUS sachets and TOXAPREVENT® PURE capsules and, although both products do the same job of removing histamine, each product is formulated to target specific areas of the digestive tract. Selection depends on which area is most affected — either stomach or the gut. Both products can be taken simultaneously for maximum effect.

The Toxaprevent range is available from independent health stores including Nutri Centre, Planet Organic and Revital and can also be purchased on-line from


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TOXAPREVENT® PLUS Sachets: designed to target oral and upper digestive tract conditions such as a bloated stomach. A daily sachet of the powder mixed in a 300ml glass of water to make a flavourless drink.   £13 for a 10 sachet pack or £30 for the 30 sachet pack.



[image]TOXAPREVENT® PURE Capsules: designed to target lower digestive tract conditions such as intestinal disorders. Two capsules with every meal and a 200ml glass of water. £13 for 60 capsules or £30 for 180 capsules.