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Herschel infrared heating brings up to 90% cost and energy savings

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8 July 2015

Herschel infrared heatingbrings up to 90% cost
energy savings to test centre
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Herschel far infrared heaters have been installed in a vehicle test centre
and sub-let storage unit

Predicted to reduce energy consumption by 90%compared with the previous heating system, Herschel far infrared heaters have been installed in a vehicle test centre and sub-let storage unit. The public sector client also expects to see energy costscut by 71%and carbon emissions reduced by 76%.

The 4,273 sq m (46,000 sq ft) steel-framed warehouse unit inNW England was built in the late 1980s with blockwork walls, roller shutter doors, metal cladding, profile roof panels and roof lights with limited insulation. At its apex,it is around 9.50m high. Heating this space was naturally a challenge and Mitie Technical FM was instructed by the client to look at ways of achieving cost savings and a reduction in energy consumption.

The existing heating consisted of seven gas heaters, ranging from 23.50kW to 48kW, and three 2kW electric convector heaters, together amounting to a heat output of 268.50 kW. These were not zoned or controlled and required large amounts of air to be heated for significant periods of time. Open warehouse doors and air-flow compounded the problem, resulting in significant heat losses and heating costs.

Mitie approached Herschel to see whether infrared electric heating could provide a more efficient and effective way of heating the four distinct areas within the warehouse: the MOT bay, the main store, the parts store and the sub-let unit.

The decision was taken to install 22 Herschel Advantage infrared heaters with a total heat output of just 44.85kW, a figure made possible because they offer directional heat for staff where needed and also heat the fabric of the building rather than the air. These included IR2 and IR3 workspace heaters and IRP4 industrial heaters.

Zone heating added to the effectiveness of this solution and the heaters were combined with TS3 pre-programmable push button timers (on for 30 mins when activated) to ensure use only when required. Overall,this means an estimated heating time of 5.5 hours per day while providing significantly improved comfort levels for staff. In addition, there is less air movement so reduced movement of dust and airborne particles.

The savings made are on top of any annual servicing and safety testing costs required for gas heaters. The estimated payback period for the supply and install cost using the Herschel solution is 3.63 years and the client is now considering Herschel infrared products for other projects.

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