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Izabel London launch Autumn/Winter TV channel sponsorship campaign Image
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Izabel London launch Autumn/Winter TV channel sponsorship campaign After a year of continued success, Izabel London have launched a three month long TV channel sponsorship campaign on the TLC, Lifetime and Universal ch
22 November 16
AsQ the app how to plan the perfect office Christmas party The team behind new mobile app, AsQ, understand the pains involved with organising the office Christmas party, so they've decided to put together some handy tips to make it easier for Brits to actually enjoy the holiday celebrations with their colleagues
22 November 16
PR: Next-Way uses Tecna's T3 to create stunning display in European Parliament Creative communications specialists Next-Way recently completed a stunning display at the European Parliament building in Brussels, using the UK-manufactured T3 modular system.
18 November 16
PRmax launches budget option for public sector Press and Communications Teams Image
 A new service aimed squarely at public sector Press and Communications Teams, is due to be launched this week. PRmax Press Office helps any busy press office, send press releases, log, track, manage and conclude every incoming media or community enquiry
16 November 16
Product Roundups - Thanks Giving Snacks, Texas Joe's Beef Jerky Image
Thanks Giving Snacks with Texas Joe's Beef Jerky   With Thanks giving approaching and the UK's interest in all things US growing, Texas Joe's Beef Jerky is the perfect snack for enjoying at Thanks Gi
15 November 16
Shortlisting success for Darlington pudding maker Image
Shortlisting success for Darlington pudding maker Artisan producer Burtree Puddings has reached the final shortlist in the Living North Awards 2016, organised by the eponymous magazine.
10 November 16
ANNUAL AJEX ACT OF REMEMBARNCE   MEDIA FACILITY ADVISORY   ASSOCIATION OF JEWISH SERVICEMEN & WOMEN 82nd Annual Ceremony of Remembrance & Parade     Thousands of Jewish veterans, including those who have seen war service fr
09 November 16
Small businesses to harness horse power Image
An innovative, horse-based leadership and teamwork training methodology is now available to small businesses (SMEs).
09 November 16
What does Brexit mean to Property Investors & Developers? Image
A commentary from Rick Nicholls, Managing Director, Bastien Jack Group Ltd, UK property developer.
08 November 16
BARNSTAPLE TOWN CENTRE MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCES CHRISTMAS SWITCH ON LINE-UP Barnstaple Town Centre Management announce light switch-on programme.
04 November 16
Expert Commentator Available for National Stress Awareness Day – 2nd November 2016 Image
Living in today’s fast paced modern world, we all experience stress in many different ways but what’s the impact it has on our mind and body?
01 November 16
Be sporty and supple for Christmas with Back on Track Image
Dear   I would like to put forward our client, Back on Track's Slim-Fit T-Shirt and Knee Brace for hopeful inclusion in your Christmas Gift Guide. Back on Track make therapeutic garments which includ
01 November 16
New in UK: Latest Love Mae Bamboo Collection has arrived! Pinch Punch 1st day of the month … Introducing Great New Shape for latest Love Mae Bamboo Dinner Set Collections. Season 2 of Love Mae in the UK is going rectangle! Be it breakfast, lunch or din
01 November 16
PR: T3 display system is the perfect answer for Top Advert The T3 modular framework system manufactured in the UK by Tecna Display Ltd was recently used by specialist company Top Advert to create a large, free standing wall display for its client, Bosch Diesel.
31 October 16
It’s double success at C!Print with T3 Systems and Mario Calvo T3 Systems featured at this year's C!Print Exhibition through Spanish distributor Mario Calvo with two stunning exhibition stands.
26 October 16
‘Timeless' — an Autumn colour by FABY Nail Couture Image
FABY Nail couture is bringing Autumn to your nails with ‘Timeless', an iridescent orange from the gorgeous POSH collection.
26 October 16