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Press release: Wipe Your PAWS door mat by More Than Words Wipe Your PAWS door mat by More Than Words Perfect for internal and sheltered areas these 15mm internal coir coconut husk mats will not only make a statement but will very importantly help to remove dirt and water from boots and shoes, although we doub
21 November 17
Chinese increase to 0.5% out-throw will be tough to meet The Recycling Association Heritage House, Vicar Lane, Daventry, NN11 4GD Tel: +44 (0) 1327 703223 Fax: +44 (0) 1327 300612 Email: Website:     P
20 November 17
Potters Bar business CS Recycling celebrates 80 years in business Hertfordshire recycling company CS Recycling has been enjoying its birthday recently.
09 November 17
120,000 tonnes of label waste being sent to landfill annually UK printing companies are sending an estimated 120,000 tonnes of label waste to landfill every year, due to the belief of there being no alternative solution.
08 November 17
Why the commitment to meet energy targets is harming our forests Image
 The UK Government has signed up to meet CO2 emmissions targets by ensuring that 15% of all our energy requirements are met from ‘renewable' energy sources by 2020.                                                        
07 November 17
Grangetown Werddach - Datganiad i'r Wasg - 6 Tachwedd 2017 Image
Mae disgwyl i Bwyllgor Craffu Amgylcheddol Caerdydd dderbyn eitem dan y pennawd Grangetown Werddach - Diweddariad i Aelodau yn ei gyfarfod ar ddydd Mawrth 7 Tachwedd.
06 November 17
Greener Grangetown - Press Statement - 6th November 2017 Image
Cardiff's Environmental Scrutiny Committee is due to receive an item titled Greener Grangetown - Member Update at its meeting on Tuesday 7th November.
06 November 17
Environment Secretary admits to having no idea about China recycling ban Environment Secretary Michael Gove admitted to the Environmental Audit Committee he has no knowledge of the effects the China situation will bring to the UK recycling sector. "I don't know what impact it will have...I haven't given it sufficient thought"
06 November 17
Rheolaeth yn y dyfodol ar goed Caerdydd yn mynd ger bron y Pwyllgor Craffu Image
Caiff y modd y mae Cyngor Caerdydd yn rheoli coed ar ei diroedd ei drafod mewn cyfarfod y Pwyllgor Craffu yr wythnos nesaf.
03 November 17
Future management of Cardiff's trees goes before Scrutiny Committee Image
How Cardiff Council manages trees on its land will be discussed at a Scrutiny Committee meeting next week.
03 November 17
Press release: Handmade English Oak Dog Lead Hooks by Betty and Dodge Handmade English Oak Dog Lead Hooks by Betty and Dodge Handmade from English Oak with a cast iron dog’s tail are these fun yet very useful plaque style hooks for your best friend’s lead or leads. The single hooks measure 23.5x13.5x2.2cm while the dou
01 November 17
Government policy is putting the UK wood industry at risk. Image
The UK wood industry and related industries are being put at risk as the wood market becomes distorted by Government policy.
30 October 17
Press release: Wipe Your PAWS door mat by More Than Words Wipe Your PAWS door mat by More Than Words Award winning online typographic art boutique More Than Words has created this fun door mat, perfect for animal lovers and great as a house warming gift.
27 October 17
All woody biomass should be subject to a cascade of use code, says Use Wood Wise Image
Norbord and other wood-using industries have joined forces with environmental charities to urge Government to limit support for subsidies.
27 October 17
Wozair enhances reputation with latest project in the Arabian Gulf Image
 Wozair enhances reputation with latest project in the Arabian GulfWozair has completed its latest project for the Arabian Gulf with the delivery of a Package Air Conditioner Unit (PACU) for a Total p
25 October 17
Speakers announced for Methane Emissions Conference Image
Methane performs a major role in global warming, so it is vital that emissions are measured accurately & reliably. Visit this major event in Antwerp.
24 October 17