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Lessons in infrared comfort Image
Cost-effective, adaptable and consistently comfortable, Herschel Far infrared is the ideal heating solution for the school environment.
25 February 16
Has ESOS phase 1 been a success? Image
  THE ESOS SURVEY wants your views and news on the progress of ESOS phase 1. Have your say     The ESOS Survey wants your forthright and unbr
23 February 16
Stokvis Energy Systems sponsor H&V News Awards 2016 As a major supplier of commercial boilers, HIUs, plate heat exchangers and other energy efficient products, Stokvis Energy Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the forthcoming H&V News Awards 2016.
18 February 16
Herschel Far infrared speeds drying of flood-hit home Image
After floodwater swept through the Carlisle home of Paul Higgins and his partner Julie Simpson on Sunday 6 December, Paul installed Herschel Far infrared heaters to help dry out the building; and he has been impressed by the results.
17 February 16
Academy upgrades to LED to save on student energy costs Image
Southmoor Academy in Sunderland is brighter, lighter and more energy efficient thanks to a lighting and energy improvement upgrade completed by Kier and Minimise Energy.
15 February 16
North East Businesses Lead Green Revolution Press Release 10 February 2016 North East Businesses Lead Green Revolution A north east waste management firm has attracted a variety of businesses in its bid to recycle 100,000 tonnes of the region's
12 February 16
ESOS Survey Image
THE ESOS SURVEY Have Your Say on ESOS phase 1   The authoritative survey into phase 1 of the Government's ESOS scheme    This is chance to have your say on ESOS.    The ESOS Survey wants your forthright and unb
09 February 16
Plate heat exchangers for commercial applications Image
A hot water system using a plate heat exchanger (PHE) does not store hot water. The water is heated instantaneously and only when required, so it is intrinsically energy efficient.
09 February 16
Raychem HWAT meets latest BS8558:2015 standard Image
Raychem single pipe trace heating cables are fully compliant with BS8558:2015 
08 February 16
Report: light touch can cut energy costs Image
The latest issue of the UK Energy Efficiency Trends report shows that no cost/low cost behaviour change programmes are cutting energy consumption and associated costs in UK businesses.
01 February 16
Cleaner frustration continues according to Justin Binks, MD of SEBO Image
A year on and consumers are just as frustrated and confused over EU rules governing the labelling and power of vacuum cleaners as they were when the requirements were introduced. Pictured is Justin Binks, Director of SEBO UK.
26 January 16
Heating efficiency served up on a plate Image
Contemporary commercial gas boilers bear little resemblance to either their early ancestors or even the models which dominated plant rooms beneath offices, schools, shops, offices, hospitals and other premises in the second half of the last century.
25 January 16
BRIGHT GOODS SET TO STEAL THE SHOW AT RDE FOR A SECOND TIME   PRESS INFORMATION     Release Date: IMMEDIATE     Issued on behalf of:   LED Eco Lights Unit 7 J4 Camberley 15 Doman Road Camberley Surrey GU15 3LB       BRIGHT GOODS SET TO STEAL THE SHOW AT RDE FO
25 January 16
Report shows energy efficiency campaigns are missing a trick Image
A new report has found that only one in five energy efficiency behaviour change programmes actively identifies and removes barriers to change, suggesting that all to often building occupants may not be getting the help they need to act efficiently.
22 January 16
New report shows behaviour change programmes make people more energy efficienct Image
Until now, only limited evidence has shown that behviour change programmes improve energy efficiency. Now, for the first time, many energy professional have simultaneously reported strong energy efficiency savings being achieved this way.
21 January 16
New report shows surge in energy efficiency projects Image
A surge in the number of energy efficiency projects commissioned has been reported in the latest UK Energy Efficiency Trends report published by EEVS energy analysts and Bloomberg New Energy Finance today.
21 January 16