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Siop un stop’ Hyb Powerhouse ar fin agor Image
Mae hyb diweddaraf y ddinas yn agor yr wythnos nesaf, yn dod â gwasanaethau a chyfleusterau i galon y gymuned.
28 July 17
‘One-stop-shop’ Powerhouse Hub set to open Image
The city’s newest hub, bringing services and facilities to the heart of the community, opens next week, Monday, July 31 at 9am.
28 July 17
Forestry Commission Logs into Salisbury Group’s Facilities Management Image
FM innovators, Salisbury Group, have won a competitive tender to provide cleaning, security & support services for up to five years at Silvan House in Edinburgh, the head office of Forestry Commission Scotland and shared UK services for the Forestry Comm
27 July 17
Adeiladu cartrefi ar gyfer y dyfodol Image
Cafodd gweledigaeth o ddatblygu cymunedau cysylltiedig ac adeiladu cartrefi ar gyfer y dyfodol ei hamlinellu yng Nghynllun Busnes Cyfrif Refeniw Tai (HRA) Cyngor Caerdydd ar gyfer 2017/18.
21 July 17
Building homes for the future Image
A vision for developing connected communities and building homes for the future has been outlined in Cardiff Council’s Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan for 2017/18.
21 July 17
East Ayrshire Council is reminding parents and carers of young children that sc Image
If a child turns 5 between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018 they'll need to be registered for school during the week commencing Monday 16 January 2017.
20 July 17
Cyhoeddi mannau gwyrdd penigamp y Brifddinas Image
Mae parciau a mannau gwyrdd hyfryd Caerdydd unwaith eto wedi ennill Gwobr fawreddog y Faner Werdd.
18 July 17
Capital’s award-winning green spaces revealed Image
Cardiff’s beautiful parks and green spaces have once again achieved the accolade of gaining the coveted Green Flag Award.
18 July 17
Brexit: Interactive Map Shows UK Net Migration From All EU Countries Image
A new interactive map from travel site The Crazy Tourist shows how many citizens from each EU country are living in the UK (and vice versa).
17 July 17
The importance of IT resilience Resilience - what if?  If you've made the journey to centralised ‘cloud' services, have you asked yourself what would happen if you lost connectivity? With cloud adoption increasing daily at stagger
13 July 17
Dirwy i Landlord am droseddau Rhentu Doeth Cymru Image
Mae landlord o Gaerdydd a anwybyddodd gynllun Rhentu Doeth Cymru'n wynebu dirwy o dros £3,500 am beidio â chydymffurfio.
13 July 17
Landlord fined for Rent Smart Wales offences Image
A Cardiff landlord who ignored the Rent Smart Wales scheme faces a bill of more than £3,500 for non-compliance.
13 July 17
Parti yn Hyb y Llyfrgell Ganolog Image
Bydd Her Ddarllen yr Haf yn digwydd cyn bo hir a bydd parti llawn hwyl yn cael ei gynnal yn Hyb y Llyfrgell Ganolog i ddathlu ei lansiad.
12 July 17
Party time at Central Library Hub Image
The countdown is on to the start of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge and a fun-packed party at Central Library Hub to celebrate its launch.
12 July 17
Lansio cynllun Byw Cymunedol newydd Image
Mae cynllun newydd wedi cael ei lansio i roi cartrefi cynaliadwy i bobl hŷn, er mwyn eu galluogi i fyw'n annibynnol yn y gymuned yn hirach.
05 July 17
New Community Living scheme launched Image
A new scheme which aims to provide sustainable homes to enable older people to live independently in the community for longer has been launched.
05 July 17