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Mind Flip Career Takeaways By Expert Zena Everett For National Work Life Week Image
Flip Your Mind, Don't Lose It! Career Takeaways For National Work Life Week YOU ARE INVITED TO INTERVIEW / COMMISSION CAREERS EXPERT - ZENA EVERETT   A motivational speaker & coach on career con
27 September 17
Wisdom & Wordplay - Has Oscar Wilde finally met his match? Image
Good morning,We would like to send you a copy of a beautiful, new, non-fiction (humour/quotations/English language) book called Wisdom & Wordplay by journalist and playwright Robert Eddison, due f
27 September 17
Healing words: mental health poetry competition final 26 September 2017 For immediate release Healing words: The journey to wellness and recovery On Thursday 28 September  the final of ‘Healing Words' takes place, a mental health poetry competition from
26 September 17
Media invitation to mental health poetry competition 26 September 2017 EMBARGOED until Thursday 28 September 18:00 Healing words: The journey to wellness and recovery You are invited to attend the final of ‘Healing Words,' a mental health poetry competi
26 September 17
SPF Connect enhances life for the older generation Image
 SPF Connect enhances life for the older generationAlice Ruth Gainsley is a senior citizen who is discovering just how much positive influence having access to a computer can have on her life. Mrs Ga
25 September 17
How To Prevent Burnout - new book by best-selling non-fiction author out October Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET How To Prevent Burnout And reignite your life and your career By Susan Scott "Susan brings her substantial professional expertise to the physical and mental strains whic
21 September 17
Angel Cake Company Celebrates Taste of the West Champion Award for Lemon Drizzle Image
Media Release Angel Cake Company Celebrates Taste of the West Champion Award for Lemon Drizzle Cake Dorchester-based owners of the family run Angel Cake Company Nicci Campbell and Emma Hamriding are c
21 September 17
History Book News: Wartime New Forest Revealed by John Leete out next month Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET Wartime New Forest Revealed By John Leete - Published by Bourchier Books   "Leete's book gives us an insight into what happened in the New Forest in such an excellent an
20 September 17
New book 'Solo Success' written to help people who fear being 'visibly alone' Image
MEDIA INFORMATION SHEET Solo Success! You CAN Do Things On Your Own By Christine Ingall "Coupledom is the norm. Yet, whether through choice or circumstance, bereavement or divorce, there are now
20 September 17
Taekwondo Champion's New Book Aims To Inspire People To Kick Start Their Lives Image
Good morning, Grand Master Ewan Briscoe is a Taekwondo legend and a widely respected figure in his community, with a long track record of supporting young people by giving them a way out of the gangs
19 September 17
Book Release News: The Master Photographer By Bob Ryan Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET The Master Photographer The Journey From Good To Great By Bob Ryan - Published by Bourchier Books "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to ma
18 September 17
Llwybrau Annisgwyl – Deg lle yng Nghaerdydd sy’n gysylltiedig â Roald Dahl Image
Ganed Roald Dahl – a ddewiswyd fel hoff awdur y DU yn y flwyddyn 2000 i nodi Diwrnod Llyfr y Byd – yn Llandaf ar 13 o Fedi, 1916, i rieni o Norwy.
14 September 17
Trails of the Unexpected – Ten Cardiff locations linked to Roald Dahl Image
Roald Dahl – voted the UK’s favourite author to mark World Book Day in 2000 – was born of Norwegian parents in Llandaff on September 13, 1916. We have compiled a list of Cardiff’s top ten locations linked to Roald Dahl.
14 September 17
Book Launch: YA Novel Emily Knight I Am...Awakened #diversity #strongblackfemale Image
Good afternoon,Hot off the printing press, copies of Emily Knight I Am...Awakened, book two in the Emily Knight YA fiction series, have landed and we are loving the fierce design and the brilliant sto
12 September 17
New book! Beat Chronic Disease: The Functional Nutrition Solution by Fleur Brown Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET Beat Chronic Disease The Nutrition Solution By Fleur Brown Have you - or someone you care about - been diagnosed with a chronic disease, such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Card
11 September 17
The Luxury Property Show is coming! London, Olympia 27-28 October Image
The Luxury Property Show is coming! London, Olympia 27-28 October Once an investment niche, luxury property is now a rapidly growing market....
10 September 17