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Press Release | Neil Davies at New Craftsman Gallery | 8 July to 5 Aug Image
Press Release 13 | 04 | 17 Neil Davies | Call of the Wild with ceramics by Jin Eui Kim and jewellery by Guy Royle 8 July to 5 August Sunshine Through the Storm | Oil on board | Neil Davies From 8 Ju
13 April 17
Books of all genres, from classics, academic, sci-fi and horror, to comics and graphic novels, as well as local history, and books about Middlesbrough Football Club, will be on sale at the Dundas Easter Book Fair on Saturday 15 April 2017, 11am - 5pm.
04 April 17
New Gof Boutique Opens At Tewkesbury Park Brand New Golf Boutique Continues Tewkesbury Park's Golf Investment April 2017 - Patrick Jones, general manager of Tewkesbury Park is pleased to announce the completion of a brand new golf boutique.
04 April 17
Europa Park, Woolacombe, will be welcoming national University Outfitters brand, Rupert and Buckley, for a one-night-only celebration.
03 April 17
Bible In Brief, The Book of Job for Public Performance & Psalms as Prayer Good morning,You are invited to join Reverend Andrew Roland at St Cuthbert's Church in West London to celebrate not one, but three, book launches as well as a musical/dramatic performance of the first
03 April 17
Chef Theo Michaels shares favourite recipes for Great British Beef Week #April23 Image
Chef Theo Michaels shares three beefy favourites for Great British Beef Week: 23rd April to 1st May   Theo Michaels is passionate about British produce and supports initiatives such as Great British B
31 March 17
Press Release| Jo Downs runs Dublin, London & New York Marathons for Marie Curie Image
Press Release 30/03/17     Designer Jo Downs' Marathon Effort to Raise Funds for Marie Curie Huge public support as she runs the Dublin, London and New York Marathons   Image: Jo Downs running the 2
30 March 17
Shattergirl-Earth's first black, lesbian superhero by Lambda finalist Lee Winter Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET Shattered Book one of The Superheroine Collection By Lee Winter "No smart, self-respecting, veteran superhero would realistically believe humans are worth saving - and t
29 March 17
High Net Worth Marketing, a tailored approach Image
Press Release - London, 29-03-17   High Net Worth Marketing, a tailored approach The word exponential is often used to describe the pace of technological change which has come to define the world we l
29 March 17
Rising star Richard Hadfield celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month Image
It Don't Mean a Thing if it ain't Got That Swing Richard Hadfield champions jazz during Jazz Appreciation Month   Richard Hadfield is at the forefront of a new wave of young British and American jaz
29 March 17
Was This In The Plan? Book Launch Sept - From a family of 6 to 4 in 15 months Image
Good morning, Stephanie Nimmo is the superwoman behind the hugely popular blog Was This In The Plan? Originally it started as a way of documenting her new life  - going from career Mum to full-time ca
29 March 17
Invitation to a triple book launch & performance of 'The Book of Job' in church Image
Good evening,You are invited to join Reverend Andrew Roland at St Cuthbert's Church in West London to celebrate not one, but three, book launches as well as a musical/dramatic performance of the first
28 March 17
“A strong Black female lead (who isn't poor or from the ghetto)" #booklaunch Image
We're really excited to finally be able to confirm that A. Bello's Emily Knight series is back - after the success of her debut book in 2012. Abiola Bello, a 28-year-old writer, dancer
28 March 17
New book by Nutritionist, Psychologist & Coach for 18-30s #careers #avoidburnout Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET How To Have An Outstanding Career And become the person you've always dreamed of being By Susan Scott Blueprint for success for 18-30 year olds Millennials Generation Y Generation Z
27 March 17
New Book: Win. Lose. Repeat - My Life As A Gambler by Chris Stringman (May 2017) Image
ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET Win. Lose. Repeat. My life as a gambler, from coin pushers to financial spread betting By Chris Stringman "My partner cooked a meal whilst I sat on the toilet and logged
22 March 17