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Gwirfoddolwyr Hybiau’n ennill gwobr wirfoddoli genedlaethol Image
Mae tîm o wirfoddolwyr sy’n helpu trigolion Caerdydd yn yr Hybiau Cymunedol wedi ennill gwobr genedlaethol am eu hymdrechion.
28 June 17
Hub Volunteers win national volunteering award Image
A team of volunteers who help citizens of Cardiff in the Community Hubs have picked up a national award for their efforts.
28 June 17
Plan B in Business is a Cop-Out says author of new book Reformers Arise Image
Press Release - Business/Entrepreneur/Leadership Reformers Arise! Plan B is a Cop Out in Business - Act Now A new book by successful business woman, entrepreneur and transformation strategist, also kn
27 June 17
Gwella gwasanaethau dwyieithog gyda Safonau’r Gymraeg Image
Bydd y Cyngor llawn yn ystyried trosolwg o’r ffordd y mae Cyngor Caerdydd wedi cydymffurfio â Safonau’r Gymraeg ar gyfer 2016-17 yr wythnos nesaf.
23 June 17
Improving bilingual services with the Welsh Language Standards Image
An overview of Cardiff Council’s compliance with the Welsh Language Standards for 2016-17 will be considered by full Council next week.
23 June 17
Cymuned yn dathlu Ramadan Iftar Image
Bydd y gymuned yn dathlu Ramadan Iftar, ymgasgliad i dorri ympryd, am yr eildro y tu allan i Neuadd y Ddinas ddydd Gwener (23 Mehefin).
23 June 17
Ramadan Iftar community celebration Image
A second community celebration of Ramadan Iftar, the gathering to break the fast, will take place outside City Hall this Friday (June 23).
23 June 17
Launch day for Reformers Arise! Book calls for action to change our world! Image
Press release - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 22nd June 2017   New Book Calls for Reformers to "Arise and Join a Dignified, Undaunted Army of Social Reformers in Africa" Reformers Arise!
22 June 17
Interview opp: Meet the woman building an army of reformers Image
Good morning, The day before the official launch of a new book called Reformers Arise (Panoma Press), we invite you to consider interviewing the author, an incredible business woman (born in Nigeria a
21 June 17
Ramadan Iftar - breaking fast – community celebration Image
Councillor Ali Ahmed and members of the Muslim community have invited everyone in Cardiff to join them at two special events to celebrate Ramadan Iftar, breaking fast.
14 June 17
Iftar Ramadan – torri’r ympryd – dathliad cymunedol Image
Mae’r Cynghorydd Ali Ahmed ac aelodau o’r gymuned Foslemaidd wedi gwahodd pawb yng Nghaerdydd i ymuno â nhw mewn dau ddigwyddiad arbennig i ddathlu Iftar Ramadan, torri’r ympryd.
14 June 17
Celebrating a World in London: Embracing Diversity, Welcoming Peace Image
An extraordinary celebration of life, diversity, culture and music took place last night at the Notting Hill Tabernacle.
12 June 17
Transport operators to address terror risk from vehicles Image
As the UK deals with terror threat, it is re-assuring to know that some of the UK’s largest HGV fleet operators are to meet in June for a briefing about preventing vehicles being used as a weapon.
07 June 17
WWII veterans make a final D-Day trip back to the beaches in a convoy of London WWII veterans head back to the beaches of Normandy to commemorate D-Day transported by nearly 100 London cabs
31 May 17
Small Businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire are Sleepwalking into Cyber Danger Image
Small Businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire are Sleepwalking into Cyber Danger by Helen Barge of Risk Evolves (based in Leamington Spa) Small businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire are sleepwalking
30 May 17
Small Businesses in Kent are Sleepwalking into Cyber Danger Image
Small businesses in Kent are sleepwalking into danger when it comes to cyber security. That's the warning from Andy Styles, from Tunbridge Wells based Risk Evolves, which helps businesses identify, manage and mitigate risks.
30 May 17