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Complying with changing Mercury emissions regulations


Gasmet will use CEM 2018 to explain why certification for their mercury emissions monitor is so important. Basically, it is the only continuous analyzer to be certified at the low levels needed to effectively control mercury emissions from combustion processes.

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Complying with changing Mercury emissions regulations

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Gasmet Technologies will focus on mercury emissions monitoring at CEM 2018, the international emissions monitoring event that will take place in Budapest, Hungary from 16th-18thMay. Technical support staff will be available at the company's exhibition booth (#40) to discuss the latest regulatory developments and how Gasmet's recent certification achievements enable compliance with current and future monitoring requirements.

Gasmet's Emilia Jyrkiäinen has been invited to speak at the CEM Conference at 11am on 17thMay. Her presentation will provide an overview of the regulatory environment relating to mercury emissions, and she will explain why recent performance certification for the Gasmet Continuous Mercury Monitoring system (CMM) is so important.

As part of global initiatives to reduce mercury pollution, emission limits are under constant pressure to reduce, so there is a demand for continuous mercury monitors that are able to measure at these lower levels. The Gasmet CMM now provides the world's lowest EN15267 certified range - 0 to 5 µg/m3, which means that the operators of combustion plants will be able to demonstrate effective control of mercury emissions.

Gasmet's Ken Roberts will also speak at the CEM Conference; at 11:40am on 18thMay, Ken will deliver a presentation covering three ‘Energy from Waste' case studies in which operators have employed customised CEMS to demonstrate multiparameter regulatory compliance and improve process control.

Gasmet will also launch new branding and a new website at CEM 2018 -

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 Gasmet Technologies is a leading manufacturer of gas monitoring instruments and systems for industrial and environmental applications including Continuous Emissions Monitoring (Power Plants, Waste Incinerators, Cement Kilns etc.) Stack Testing / Comparison Measurements, Process Control, Industrial Hygiene / Indoor Air Quality, Engine Exhaust Gas, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Emergency / First Response Measurement (HAZMAT), Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Carbon Capture, Fire Testing Emissions Monitoring and Research.

Gasmet FTIR gas analyzers can perform simultaneous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds in even the most demanding applications including hot, wet and corrosive gas streams. Concentrations of up to 50 different compounds can be measured within seconds.