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On 21stFebruary,  Brocket Hall  - the stately home in Hertfordshire, successfully launched the Lady Caroline Arts & Entertainments Club and the Lord Byron Wine Club, as additional social and corporate entertaining experiences taking place on the prestigious estate.

The clubs, which take their names from two of the most famous people to be associated with Brocket Hall, Lord Byron and his spurned mistress, Lady Caroline Lamb (who scandalised society when she conducted a wild and tempestuous relationship on the estate with Romantic poet) are designed to combine an understanding and appreciation of Brocket Hall's magnificent history and environment  with a calendar of cultural events and entertainment.

Available to join, members are invited to choose from an all-encompassing catalogue of events throughout the year such as visiting exhibitions; talks and classes; priority access to galleries, openings and musical events.

The inaugural event was curated by art and collectibles specialist Jiggy Rawal - founder of The Curatist who invited Bina Goenka jewellers and Tafeta Art Gallery to underpin the evening's programme. 

Jiggy Rawal has enjoyed a successful career in the financial sector before moving into the world of art and collectibles acting as a unique halfway house between dealers and her clients and was  on hand to offer investment advice.

Located in Fitzrovia, London since 2013, Tafeta -  the leading purveyor of some of the most important 20th century and contemporary artists of African descent, staged an exhibition featuring Ben Enwonwu MBE, globally renowned British-Nigerian artist, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Ablade Glover, Susanne Wenger, Muraina Oyelami and Gebre K. Desta. 

Also taking place on the estate was an exhibition of the works of  British artists Louise Balaam, Janette Kerr and Nicholas Bealing and Israeli artist Itchak Tarkay thanks to an ongoing collaboration with the Cadogan Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea - a centre of artistic excellence for the last 30 years - who are staging numerous exhibitions at Brocket Hall over the months ahead.

To complement the contemporary art exhibition, Jiggy Rawal facilitated a collection of pieces created by Bina Goenka, the driving force behind one of the most creative jewellery brands in India. A successful entrepreneur and socialite, Bina is a pioneer on the international jewellery scene, working with unusual materials such as raw gold and diamond slices to create highly original Indian jewels.

And for those with an interest in fine wine, The Lord Byron Wine Club certainly built on the grand old Brocket Hall tradition of enjoyment, sociability and a connoisseur's appreciation of the best wines the world can offer as it opened up its cellars to enraptured guests for wine tastings on the night.

The programme culminated on the dance floor with musical entertainment provided by Ramzi, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, musician and performer who has taken the stage alongside the likes of Amy Winehouse, Flo Rida and the Gypsy Kings! His soulful vocals, memorable melodies and slick lyrical content providing a fitting close to the evening's event.

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