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PR: Couriers, do your worst - Gallant roller banner takes just about anything!


Couriers, do your worst - the Gallant roller banner can take just about anything you can throw at it!

You'd generally think we'd seen it all in roller banner design but not all banner stands are created equally.The Gallant Roller Banner has been designed specifically by Innotech Digital to withstand the usual hard knocks during deliveries and is sturdy enough to endure heavy handed, every day usage and still maintain its tension properties.

Available in 850mm wide, the Gallant roller banner addresses a need for a robust unit that can still be relied upon to work perfectly every time, even if it has been dropped or bashed about in the back of a delivery van. Roller banners are essentially a commodity item but they remain the number one promotional marketing tool for small to medium businesses and the growing sole trader sector of the market. This means that they need to be as affordable as possible, whilst working first time, every time.

Russell Alexander, Sales Manager at Innotech Digital said, "Some people may require a banner for occasional use only whilst others will open and repack their roller banner several times a day, so as a Print Service Provider (PSP), it is important to be able to offer a range of products at differing price points to address each need correctly.

Although we already have a great range of banner stands, there was a specific need for a budget stand addressing PSPs who make a large volume of bespoke single units being sent out to sole traders and individuals all over the country and want to be confident that it can handle being knocked about during the delivery process and handled several times a week, thereby reducing return rates and increasing profits."

The Gallant Roller Banner weighs 2.5kg without graphics and is individually box packaged and delivered with its own heavy duty drawstring bag.

The Gallant Roller Banner is in stock and available to purchase now from Innotech Digital.

For more information, call 01530 512731 or email

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