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Show Mum you care this Mother's Day

Y'Orchid - Father's Day Card


Letter writing might be in decline, but sending Mother’s Day cards will forever remain on trend.

In the UK this year, families are expected to spend over £50 million on cards for their mums.

Whilst Whatsapp and iMessage are the simplest ways to share your favourite memes and gifs, nothing can replace a traditional card with a modern technology twist.

Choosey, an online retailer of video greeting cards, have subverted tradition with digital technology; launching Mother’s Day cards with personalised videos that can be uploaded from your camera roll or filmed on the spot – they’re unique and are simple to buy and send to your favourite mama.

Select one of the many designs from the Choosey website, add your details and upload a video. Choosey will do the rest for you and Mum will receive a personalised Mother’s Day card, which has been created by you!

All Mum needs to do is download the ChooseyApp and she will be able to watch your special video as she tearfully remembers how happy she was you moved out!

Laura Blagoev, Senior Content Manager at Choosey, said: “All mums love a card, so why not send a tongue-in-cheek video message to truly show your appreciation (or what little you have).”

Tokens of gratitude presented on Mother’s Day can vary from a humble flower bouquet to a posh lunch somewhere swanky, but the one consistency that remains is the giving of a card inscribed with a semi-thoughtful message.

The only custom were interested in is the fact that people still like to send physical messages to each other, whether it’s a card, postcard or invitation.  Choosey is here to break convention and create a new emotional connection between people. We want to make sending cards fun again, taking inspiration from video sharing apps.

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