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Celebrating the Official Launch of GlobalSoccerID
 Celebrating the Official Launch of GlobalSoccerID

The success rate of the modern game today is minimal. A mere 0.012 percent of the footballing population will make it as a professional player.

So, what happens to all the other hopefuls, the ones who have been coached for their dream career since childhood only to fall short at the final hurdle? This is the issue that’s about to be tackled by GlobalsoccerID, an enterprise that has recently launched.

GlobalsoccerID is a multi-functional football company created to help football players who may have been released, ill advised, injured or just simply unlucky. They offer players the chance to showcase their abilities and enhance their player profiles.

GlobalsoccerID’s key objective is to overcome the issues that many players face within football globally.

For the 99.88 percent of players who find themselves in this situation, this promises to be a very good thing, giving them more options to achieve in life through education and football, but also widen their horizons and see what the world has to offer them.

Player welfare is paramount to GlobalsoccerID’s aims. They know how difficult the footballing industry can be, with the majority of players being released before turning professional.

GlobalsoccerID has many sectors one of which is scholarships (American educational programmes) which provides  unique opportunities.  Although tuition fees are often higher than in equivalent UK institutions, some fantastic football scholarships are available, which significantly reduce fees, and in some cases, remove costs entirely.

GlobalsoccerID is the innovative idea of Ashan Holgate. A former player himself, who represented numerous teams over the course of his career including Swindon Town and Macclesfield Town, Mr Holgate was all too familiar with how many players get released from the academy system each year.

As Mr Holgate explains: “The traditional academy systems can be tough for aspiring footballers,  who have the sole ambition of becoming a professional footballer despite the clubs trying to give them an academic route most young players don’t realise how few actually have a sustainable career within football. I wanted to start a service that combatted this, helping young people to achieve their potential, and avoid the upset and heartbreak that so often goes hand-in-hand with the inability to achieve their dream.”

He continues “I understand that although an awful lot of academies invest considerable resources in education and training to prepare players for careers outside the game in case players don’t make it, it is clear there still isn’t enough being done to help young players following their release.

GlobalsoccerID provides free advice to such players and is working hard trying to establish relationships with other footballing bodies.

It has already received support from some well-known names, including former professional footballer and television presenter Matt Le Tissier. The Southampton legend is also a director of 73 Management, an all-encompassing football management service. Through his mentoring role, Mr Le Tissier has first-hand experience of the varied challenges faced by young footballers, especially after being released by professional clubs.

“GlobalsoccerID is an idea with the potential to make a real difference,” Matt said. “It offers a fantastic solution to the many issues associated with the traditional system from grassroots football upwards, where some of the players aren’t even given the window of opportunity to enter into football programmes.”

GlobalsoccerID’s patrons include iconic footwear brand Stylo Matchmakers, career resource platform Life After Professional Sport (LAPS), Valour Sorts Group and print company MLL Print and Digital GlobalsoccerID’s official sponsors include timber supplier Webbs Wood and sports massage provider Diamond Pro Cure.

Already, there are those who are benefitting from its inception, including 20-year-old Matty Miles. A former rising star in Leicester’s youth programme, he played for 12 years, devoting his childhood and teenage years to the pursuit of his dream, to the detriment of his academic career. Despite trials at Coventry, Forest Green, and Southend and a current contract with Amesbury, the professional tenure he set his sights on has failed to materialise, which is why GlobalsoccerID has stepped in.

As Mr Miles explains: “I spent my whole life dreaming of a career playing football. It was all that I focused on, because I knew that if I wanted to succeed, I had to be fully committed. Despite my best efforts, I was released, but my sights are now set on a new and equally exciting goal with GlobalsoccerID – one that I feel I have a real chance of achieving.”

GlobalsoccerID is set to feature in a segment on Sky Sports News soon. Be sure to tune in and check it out.

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