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Online educational resource from a name you can trust


Online educational resource from a name you can trust.
Dräger provide findings on Lung Protective Ventilation.

Hemel Hempstead - For over 110 years Dräger has been at the forefront of ventilation technology, especially in the operating theatre. The organisation is committed to facilitating the communication of valuable clinical information from the anaesthetic community to you. Which is why they have set up an online educational resource to provide the latest scientific findings about lung protection in theatres.

History of Dräger in Anaesthesia and Ventilation

In 1902, Johann Heinrich Dräger collaborated with his good friend Dr Otto Roth to develop one of the world's first anaesthesia apparatus for oxygen and chloroform, which was presented at the German Congress for Surgeons in Berlin. For the first time, the Roth-Dräger anaesthetic device made it possible to reliably control the mixture of oxygen and anaesthetic agents such as ether and chloroform.

Dräger's rich history of advancements in medical technology for anaesthesia and ventilation has continued right up to the present day with milestones such as:

-          Model A: The first serially manufactured closed-circuit anaesthesia machine in 1926.

-          Pulmomat: Introduction of a ventilation module that attaches to the anaesthetic machine in 1952.

-          Vapor: Development of a vapouriser marking the beginning of precision dosing in 1958.

-          EV-A: Pioneering changes in ventilation with a ventilator that can be adjusted to the patient's spontaneous breathing with graphic monitoring in 1982.

-          Cicero: The first integrated anaesthesia workstation in 1988.

-          Babylog 8000: A ventilator designed specifically for premature babies in 1989.

-          Zeus: The addition of an anaesthesia workstation that unites all processes in 2002.

-          PulmoVista 500: Making ventilation visible with pioneering electronic impedance tomography (EIT) in 2011.

-          Perseus A500: A fully configurable anaesthesia workstation to suit workflow in 2012.


Online Educational Resource

Dräger's history and ability to listen to customers means they truly understand the challenges faced by caregivers in providing the best possible care for patients. Not only are they committed to developing medical technology of the highest standards, but also to provide educational resources that enhance knowledge of caregivers about hot topics in acute care, and the Lung Protection Ventilation microsite does just that!

The site is free of charge to access on the Insights to Solutions tab ofwww.draeger.comand provides clinical information on subjects such as paediatric ventilation, lung protection in obese patients, lung recruitment and much more. Content is regularly updated and downloads are available.

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