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DogFit makes Christmas special for dog lovers
 DogFit have introduced their range of Christmas products for dogs and their owners.

A company of dog lovers, DogFit knows the importance of getting fit for both owner and dog alike. With a national reputation for innovative and inspiring fitness products, classes and courses, DogFit’s canicross range includes items that would make fantastic Christmas gifts for pets and owners, all of which are designed for hands free running or power walking.

DogFit's unique products offer the perfect opportunity for customers to get up and get moving with their dogs, in ways that encourage both fun and fitness in equal measure. In the darker winter months, DogFit provides the motivation that people need to keep on exercising and meet their goals for the New Year.

The star in DogFit's range is the Canicross Starter Kit, priced at just £99. This kit includes some of DogFit's best-selling products, including their Dog Harness, Human Waist Belt, Canicross Line, Kit Bag and Beginners Guide. 

You can also complement this popular Canicross Starter Kit with DogFit’s Couch to 5K online course for just £19.99, making it the ideal gift this Christmas.

The Canicross Starter Kit is designed to have everything customers need to keep both them and their pets active, and it makes the perfect present under the tree for any pooch. The kit is available in a variety of sizes, ensuring the perfect fit, regardless of the breed.

Gail Walker, co-founder of DogFit, says: "The festive season is the most difficult when it comes to motivation to get out and exercise - but with our fantastic range of canicross products, you and your pet will be running and having fun in no time."

"Give your dog the best Christmas gift you can, with long-lasting benefits for both you and your pet that will far surpass the usual treats and tasty food." 

DogFit's commitment to fitness doesn't stop there - they supply dog harnesses, waist belts, bungee lines, clothing and other accessories to keep pets and their owners comfortable and active. Designed and thoroughly tested with high-quality materials, any pet is sure to love their Christmas gift as much as their owner does.

DogFit also offer gift vouchers, available directly from the company, starting at just £10. This gives any loved one time to find out the best fit and sizing for their pet.

For more than one furry friend, customers can even double up on their equipment and still be perfectly safe and comfortable. There's nothing like a run to burn off that Christmas excess - it's a fair bet that dogs feel that way, too, so make Christmas one to remember with DogFit.