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New Phototherapy Solution from Dräger.

Blue against yellow: BiliLux helps newborns

New phototherapy system treats jaundice intensively and quietly

Hemel Hempstead - Jaundice is a common phenomenon in newborns and premature babies. If excessive bilirubin is present in the blood, the skin turns yellow and there is a risk of brain damage. The new BiliLux phototherapy light converts the pigment into a water-soluble substance which can then simply be excreted by the small body. The bluish LED light operates particularly efficiently with a high radiation intensity of 30 to 85 µW/cm2/nm. An optional radiometer measures whether the radiation intensity is adequate for the tiny patient's skin.

To effectively and quickly convert the unconjugated bilirubin, the BiliLux's light spectrum provides an optimum wavelength range of 460 to 490 nm/. Thanks to the light's wide radiation angle, the phototherapy light is distributed across the baby's entire body. A white light lamp, which is integrated into the light and can be activated, optically neutralises the "blue light" to some extent. This makes it easier for nursing staff to check the success of the treatment. This does not affect the phototherapy.

Fanlessly silent
The developers of BiliLux have designed the light head so that it emits the low amount of heat of the LEDs across its surface. Without the need for a separate fan, the medical device is extremely quiet with a noise level below 20 dB(A). This means that premature babies, in particular, are not exposed to any unnecessary disturbances. The closed light head also supports hygiene. Its outer skin is almost exclusively smooth, without any significant gaps or edges. This makes it easier to remove bacteria. The surface of the light has also been successfully tested for a range of disinfectants.

The BiliLux phototherapy system is manufactured by Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

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