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Press release: Now fairies and elves have their own way in



Press release: 5thSeptember 2017 

The Magic Door Store

Now fairies and elves have their own way in


Children love the idea of fairies and elves impishly appearing while they are sound asleep, they create fun and fantastic fantasies and their imaginations run free around these pretend friends.

Of course, sometimes these elusive visitors need a little help from Mum and Dad, a coin when a tooth is magically collected, a note now and then. These little ‘Magic Doors' and a host of fairy and elf sized accessories help Mum and Dad to interact even more with their children in a land of make believe. And of course, the only beings that can open these doors are the fairies and elves that live on the other side.

The Magic Door store fairy and elf doors are easily mounted at the base of a wall or on a shelf or mantle using putty that is supplied with the door. Magic Doors measure 20cm x 12.5cm x 2cm and come in a variety of colours.


Note to Editors:

My Fairy and My Elf Doors (Inc. small bottle of magic dust) £20. Accessories - Magic post box £6. Magic footprints stencil kit £4. Magic door number stickers £1. Fairy message board £4. Magic stepladder £6. Fairy tooth pouch £3. Magic bench £6. Magic dust £5. Milk bottles £3. The Magic Elf & Magic Fairy books £6 each.

The Magic Door

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