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Robust IT systems drive sustainable business performance


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Date: 4thSeptember 2017

Robust IT systems drive sustainable

business performance 


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In the face of increasing cyber-attacks a reliable IT resource is essential for sustainable business performance. However, a local independent software company cautions that bolting on additional capabilities to an existing off-the-shelf system is unlikely to deliver the best functionality or enhance peace of mind.

Rugeley-based DBLogic (DBL) makes the point that every business is unique. So, despite areas of overlap between firms conducting similar activities, factors such as size, location, supply chain and product range will always create differences that must be taken into consideration when planning IT improvements.

DBL's managing director Dave Barrett says: "If a standard software package will do everything your business demands, that's fine. But, and it's a big but, if the platform isn't really right, almost the worst thing you can do is try to customise it to meet your particular requirements."

To help companies avoid the pitfalls associated with software that is not fit for purpose, DBL has come up with five key pointers:

  • Off-the-shelf software is a compromise. Invariably, the standard package will contain a number of features that are superfluous to the running of your business, while others you really need are omitted.

  • Beware packaged software that cannot be expanded to cater for future requirements, as this can lead to inefficiencies, poor customer service and, ultimately, lower profits.

  • With ‘one-size-fits-many' solutions the danger is that, instead of driving IT development, a business adapts the way it operates to maximise use of the software, potentially leading to extra training costs and lower productivity.

  • An unworkable feature or workflow glitch can cause issues which are time-consuming and costly to rectify. Consultancy support brought in to resolve such problems would be better spent creating a custom solution that delivers what a business really needs.

  • Creating a bespoke solution in-house using spreadsheets or small-scale databases can be plagued with difficulties. Some firms simply don't have the resources to produce software to accommodate changing business needs within the required timescale.

For many organisations looking to update their IT systems, cost is a deciding factor. Thanks to the evolution of rapid development tools and robust application frameworks, custom software is affordable for businesses of all sizes. In fact, DBL says it is invariably more cost-effective to design a new solution than to try and bring an existing system up to scratch.

Dave concludes: "IT should help a business understand how it is performing. Working through your processes to design a software specification is therefore time well spent because the insight you gain into what works and what could be improved is valuable intelligence you can use to plan for future growth."

Caption: Custom software is affordable and can make a big difference to productivity, customer service and profits. 

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About DBLogic

DBLogic (DBL) is an innovative software developer that creates bespoke solutions to meet exact requirements, helping businesses achieve efficiency savings and derive a competitive edge. As well as delivering acomplete end-to-end service, with the option for technical and functional support, DBLoffers a range of pricing options to suit all budgets. The company's aim is to help businesses make better decisions using bespoke software systems that are designed to be reliable and incorporate the flexibility to satisfy future needs as businesses grow.

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