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sonoro Smart All-in-one Reflects Well on its Maker



The STEREO 2 from sonoro: looks superb; sounds ace; spins CDs,
streams smart devices; and can wirelessly control a bedside lamp.




London, UK | Neuss, Germany | Aug 2017 – sonoro is proud to announce STEREO 2, its latest and most comprehensively equipped all-in-one music system. The successor to 2015’s sonoroSTEREO, the new system offers elegant looks, handcrafted build, premium audio performance, and a host of technology, including: aptX-capable Bluetooth wireless music streaming; an integrated CD player; DAB and FM radio; and even the option of smart lighting control.  

Look the part
The STEREO 2 features a handcrafted, real wood cabinet complete with smoothly curved corners. There are ten finishes from which to choose, and the high-gloss lacquer creates a smart reflective cabinet. One which catches the eye as well as comfortably adjusts to its surroundings. The result is the ideal design, from which to deliver great sounding music - wood's natural acoustic properties mean it is acknowledged as a great ‘sounding' material to use when building audio systems. Wood also of course helps create a striking looking design, with a finish to blend with any décor.

Compact in size - the cabinet measures just 45cm across - the STEREO 2 houses a remarkable amount of technology. The integrated amplifier drives a powerful 2.1 speaker system, featuring a built-in subwoofer to accompany the brace of full range drivers. Adjusting the audio to sound its best, whatever its surroundings, is simple: bass and treble are adjustable and the DSP function further enhances stereo performance.

The play's the thing
Playback options are extensive. The inclusion of a CD player recognises that the physical sector still accounts for 34% of the recorded music global market (IFPI 2016 report), as well as breathes life back into (perhaps forgotten?) silver disc collections. Bluetooth streaming means it's a synch to connect any of today's smart music devices, such as phones and tablets, and aptX ability gets the maximum performance from suitably equipped portables. Radio fans will welcome the STEREO 2's FM, DAB, and DAB+ abilities, and each setting gets six pre-sets. Station tuning is automatic and the included metal radio antennae helps secure a reliable signal.

Well, well, wellness
The STEREO 2 comes equipped with pre-programmed music samples - great for in-store demonstrations - plus features its own ‘wellness suite'. The system comes pre-loaded with short relaxation exercises and meditation soundtracks. Choose from the likes of Edmund Jacobsen's progressive music relaxation or natures sounds, and let the stresses of the day drift away.

Turn on, tune in, drop off
Designed for any room in the home, the STEREO 2 is a particularly welcome bedroom guest. Naturally, when the lights dim, the STEREO 2's display automatically dims in turn, helping prepare your body and mind for sleep. The dual alarm enables flexibility for those busy schedules, and you can choose to be woken in a number ways - select a source, such as a radio station, or select from pre-loaded nature sounds and let the likes of birdsong gently coax you from your slumber.

Electric light orchestra
For those looking for help when dropping off or waking up, the optional sonoroLIGHT is the ideal guiding light. Simply plus the ‘global first' Bluetooth unit into the Mains, connect a dimmable bulb-fitted lamp to the module's socket and you're done. The STEREO 2 wirelessly controls the light - set it to wake you in the morning with a gradual ‘sunrise', and programme it to work in reverse when bedtime arrives. The £34.99 sonoroLIGHT also enables you to switch your connected lamp on and off via the music system's remote control - especially useful if your lamp sits out of reach.

The sonoroSTEREO 2 launches now in the UK at an RRP of £599.00. For further information and review sample and promotional requests please

About sonoro 
sonorodevelops all its products in Neuss, near Dusseldorf. Using high-quality materials, and finishing wood cabinets by hand, it offers a line of audio systems designed for the individual needs of each room. Ease of use is a design priority, as is audio performance, and sonoro leads its sector in its innovative approach to ‘wellness'. The sonoroLIGHT - a global first - aims to help ease sleep disorders by enabling a more natural environment in which to wake up and go to sleep. Built-in meditative exercise and nature sounds also help sonoro users to enjoy more quality downtime and further confirm the German maker's ‘human' approach to today's technology.


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