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New digital service for the healthtech sector cuts patients' waiting times


Dr Ali Jomaa (CEO)

Dr Nur Alkhateeb (COO)

DocNoc Ltd

0203 002 7728 / 07387 080156


New medical digital service launch for the healthtech sector:

DocNoc gives you total control over your health avoiding lengthy waiting times at surgeries or A+E

DocNoc digital solution helps patients find doctors for a consultation at home, on video or in a private clinic anytime, anywhere. Doctors are equipped with digital health technology to practice medicine, provide empathic and personalised care.

Why DocNoc?

  1. Stress free medical consultation without the long painful waiting hours at your local surgery or A&E.

  2. Using digital health, patients take charge over their health, to be seen by a GP, speciality consultant or mental health specialist and are guided back to recovery and living life.

  3. Revolutionises the way medicine is provided with regular advanced health checks and remote monitoring to live life fully.

How it works:

  • Chooseconsultation type -Searchfrom a list of trusted doctors -Bookan appointment the same day or anytime in the future.

  • Both of our apps for patients and doctors can be downloaded for free, pay as you book service.

Who Uses It?

  • Over 1000 surveyed doctors and patients love our platform giving them choice of service, time and location to be connected.

  • We are looking for people of interest to try our Total Health Checks with Medical Consultation for FREE.

  • Targeting those who are worried about their health but cannot find the convenient personalised care. Similarly, those who are actively seeking for better ways to improve their health and fitness.



The DocNoc solution:

Affordable on demand access to healthcare GP or specialist, with a choice to be seen at home, on video or in clinic. All DocNoc registered doctors have to have a minimum of two years' experience as a registrar or consultant; they work independently after an extensive compliance procedure.

On July 1948 the NHS was launched promising healthcare based on need not ability to pay. As time progressed, the NHS became a treasure for all UK citizens to be proud of as a national symbol of equality and excellence in health.

At this point, where the NHS is changing to deliver healthcare of 21st century, with challenges like increased demands from a growing and aging populations, expensive advanced early diagnostics tools and costly medications to treat rare ailments, all these are straining NHS services and it is noticed nationally where the NHS is struggling to cope with these demands.

Despite this, you are still likely to get excellent treatment if you are acutely unwell and need an emergency treatment, or even if you are a cancer patient needing extensive treatment and support. However, for patients who fall in between these two categories the journey for healthcare can be a struggle and full of frustrations.

As doctors especially in primary and urgent care we see this frustration on daily basis. Patients are looking for alternatives when they can't access the care that they feel they need. A common scenario would be, if you or a young member of the family is feeling unwell for a couple of days, would you wait to see your GP or wait for hours in the A&E?

 Co-Founder NurAlkhateeb says:

"As founders of DocNoc, we wanted to develop a service that stops this long painful wait of uncertainty and helps patients to get access to healthcare when and as they need it. Using state of the art digital technology we created a smooth and swift journey for patients offering access to primary, specialist and mental healthcare anytime and anywhere.

We in DocNoc strongly believe that healthcare professionals and technology complement each other in creating sustainable, reliable and affordable services accessible to everyone.

Our philosophy is to offer a comprehensive on demand accessible service that caters for all individual health needs. We believe that technology including geo-mapping, artificial intelligence, smart booking, point of care investigation and supported-monitoring is the way forward to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Our vision is to combineall these technologies into one holistic system which caters for patients needs anytime and anywhere".

Be part of DocNoc and its passionate community to finding a new way of healthcare provision for the 21st century. Register FREE online on and call us for more information on 0203 002 7728.


DocNoc is a UK healthtech start up company registration number 09850037, incorporated in December 2015 and supported by start-up loan company through Virgin Start up to start trading.


For further information contact:

Dr Ali Jomaa,,,0203 002 7728 / 07387 080156

Dr Nur, 0203 006 2636 / 07944 972536