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New book: In My Right Mind challenges our thinking on mental health

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Mental ill-health and mental healthcare are hugely important and relevant to us here at LitPR for personal reasons. It's clear through the myriad headlines across the media about the lack of funding and support for mental ill-health, particularly in young people just in the past few days ( and ( that something MUST be done. We are fully supporting this amazing man - Tony Weekes - on his mission as part of the not-for-profit Unity MHS. The book - In My Right Mind - is just the beginning. We invite you to join Tony on his journey...he's on a mission to challenge - and change - our thinking on mental well-being. It starts with the book launch, at Waterstones Piccadilly in London on September 13th. We'd love you to join us there, to meet Tony, get a press copy of this beautiful, revolutionary, game-changing and inspirational new book and find out more. For a press pass/more info about the event, please get in touch. To interview Tony, to get a copy of the book in advance of the launch, or for more information please email Full press details can be found in the press release below including a link to the online press folder with pics and a digital copy of the book.
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In My Right Mind

One Man's Quest To Challenge Our Thinking On Mental Well-being

By Tony Weekes


In My Right Mind intricately illustrates the challenges faced during the past 15 years of one man's own personal journey as a mental health carer, supporter and campaigner, and the mental ill-health of two of his close family members. Coping with the extreme challenges of mental health led the author to establish a new mission; a not-for-profit organisation called Unity (MHS), which aims to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and improve access to care and support for mental health sufferers, worldwide. In his first book, Tony Weekes invites readers to walk with him on this journey, learning how Unity was conceived and witnessing the stigma being dismantled as never done before. This is achieved - in minute but simple detail - by dissecting what affect myriad aspects of our modern world are having on our view of, and exposure to, mental health.


The author uses the Build - Break -Build approach, to enable the reader to learn, understand and gain new insights along the journey. This process ultimately shifts the reader's thinking until they reach a milestone of self-realisation: that equality with physical health will never be achieved for mental health without a major global shift in our current attitudes. The author depicts how Unity, as an organisation, is the embodiment of his vision; to make instant access to ongoing, effective treatment available for ALL mental health sufferers and to use socio-economic empowerment to open a world of new possibilities. The power of this vision and the new attitude, which the author believes is required as a solution to the world's increasing mental health problems, is laid bare in this book and through the wider work of Unity. The reader is invited to spread the word to help improve the long-term mental health of future generations and be part of a UK-wide revolution of positive change.


About the Author

Tony Weekes grew up in East London, the son of a consultant surgeon and a nurse. After leaving university with a degree in Sociology and Politics, he worked his way up to office management level. The combination of his upbringing, life and work experience helps him see the good in every situation with a problem-solving mentality. He has witnessed the pain and suffering which mental ill health has caused several of his extended family members. In recent years, Tony has devoted all his energy, enthusiasm and determination into generating solutions for the problems they - and millions of others - face.


What is Unity?

Tony Weekes has built and coordinated the Unity Team. Unity is his vision of how the stigma of the UK's mental health problems can be dismantled; how effective ongoing treatment can be made accessible; and how socio-economic empowerment for sufferers can be provided as the result. Tony has built this caring community - not from the perspective of a professional in the field of mental health - but from first-hand experience of trying to ease the suffering of loved ones. He has tried, sometimes succeeding, other times failing, to surmount the problems caused by the current care system's serious lack of funding and the resulting lack of cohesion.Unity is a not-for-profit seeking to revolutionise mental health care in the United Kingdom through education, recognition and intervention. The NHS is a World leader, Unity will also make mental health care here World renowned.


Read about Unity's mission to support Grenfell Families:




Title:In My Right Mind

Author:Tony Weekes

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:13/09/17

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution

Category:Self-Help, Education, Family, Health


Price: £12.99


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