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Love Where You Live Campaign hits back

Blitz operations to clean up the streets of Cardiff have taken place across the south of the city in the last five weeks.

The Love Where You Live Campaign has been designed to work with community groups and volunteers, so we can all work together to create a sense of pride in the communities that we all live in.

As part of the campaign, the Council is carrying out additional blitz operations, on top of normal street cleansing. These have taken place in Plasnewydd, Adamsdown, Splott, Butetown and Grangetown, and the team has moved into Canton this week (July 24th- July 28th)

During the blitz operations in the last five weeks, 138 streets have been deep cleansed and just over 26 tonnes of additional waste has been taken off Cardiff's streets. We have also cleaned gullies, fixed pavements and taken enforcement action against those who persist on ruining the environment that we all live in.

The additional work that has been carried out includes:

        138 streets have been deep cleansed

        26.42 additional tonnes of waste has been removed

        1634 gullies have been cleansed

        568 waste enforcement actions have taken place

        35 pavements have been repaired

        48 incidents of fly tipping have been cleared

        29 properties are being monitored for suspected waste offences

        27 education visits have taken place with residents.

Community groups have sprung up across the city and these groups are carrying out their own litter picks with equipment supplied by the Council. All those that want to take part are encouraged to visit the website to see how they can get involved -

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets and Recycling has welcomed the volunteers that are working with the council to keep the city's streets cleaner.

Cllr Michael said: "Often when a street or an open space has been cleaned by the council, we find that when we return a short time afterwards, new waste and litter has appeared. By working with these communities directly we aim to create a sense of pride in the area, so if a resident sees someone just discarding rubbish on the floor, they are more likely to say something to them, so the litterbug starts to realise that it isn't acceptable. In many countries it is unthinkable to drop litter on the floor and this is ultimately our aim. We all have to work together to keep the city's streets clean.

"Most residents manage to put their waste out at the right time and on the right date, don't drop litter or fly tip waste. For the small number of residents that seem to think that is it is acceptable to just dump waste outside their property when they feel like it, let waste build up in the front or rear of their property, drop litter or fly tip waste - our message is think again.

"We provide facilities for residents to dispose and recycle waste correctly. We provide specific containers for different types of waste so we can increase the city's recycling rate. If we all work together we can improve the street scene in wards across the city, reduce litter and further increase the recycling rate to make Cardiff cleaner and greener for the benefit of everyone. For those that don't abide by the rules, enforcement action will be taken against you."