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Book News: Hashtag Press Acquires The Waiting Gate by J Merrill Forrest


The Waiting Gate

By J Merrill Forrest

[image] "Where do you think they go, the patients who no longer seem to be aware of themselves or their surroundings? I mean, take Simon. One moment he's angry and shouting, the next it's as if he's simply left his body behind and gone somewhere. Some of the patients are like that all the time, never having lucid moments at all, and I've always wondered ... where do they go?"


Alex Kelburn is a psychic medium who knows full well where we go when we die for he has been there. But what about those in the grip of severe dementia whose minds have disconnected? Where, indeed, do they go? He knows he must find the answer. Not only for Erin, the caring, compassionate nurse who has asked it, but also for his own wife, and for friends Kallie and Trish, and the thousands of others who are grieving and bewildered because they have loved ones who have gradually disappeared until only their physical selves remain. Working on the case of an unidentified little girl whose remains have been discovered in a shallow grave, he is gradually led to a new and wonderful understanding of just what is on the Other Side...


J Merrill Forrest lives in Wiltshire with her Greek husband and crossbreed dog. They also spend time at their home in Greece, and while Jane is not a psychic or medium herself, she is fascinated by this world and has many friends who are. Flight of the Kingfisher was borne from the loss of her brother, at just 30, in 1984. After his death, Jane began to notice strange happenings in her house, and a work colleague suggested she visited a medium, and the rest is history...

Following the immense success of Flight of the Kingfisher (2014), The Waiting Gate was snapped up by publisher Hashtag Press. While the book is eagerly anticipated by fans of Flight of the Kingfisher, The Waiting Gate powerfully stands up as a story worth reading independently (although be prepared to want to read all of J Merrill Forrest's books once you've enjoyed one!)


About the Author

J Merrill Forrest's deep interest in the supernatural is a major theme in her writing. For more than thirty years Jane has researched her subject, visiting psychics, mediums, Spiritualist churches and séances, always keeping an open and questioning mind, hunting down evidence. At age 40, J Merrill Forrest followed her dream of going to university and gained a BA (Hons) in English Literature, and returned to academia ten years later to gain her MA in Creative Writing. It was during this time she began to work on her novel ‘Flight of the Kingfisher', published in 2015, which deals with the emotive and polarising subject of life after death and introduced psychic medium Alex Kelburn. He returns in her latest novel, ‘The Waiting Gate', the main theme of which is dementia and what happens to those who ‘disappear' as the disease takes hold. J Merrill Forrest is also the author of 'Orders from Above' published in 2013.



Title:The Waiting Gate

Author:J Merrill Forrest

Publisher:Hashtag Press

Publication date:27/10/17

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution


Price: £7.99


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