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Infographic Explains Forthcoming ‘Toxin Tax’ For Diesel Cars


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14thJuly 2017

Infographic Explains Forthcoming ‘Toxin Tax' For Diesel Cars


A new infographic (attached) from UK car buyer comparison siteMotorwayexplains the forthcoming toxin tax for diesel cars.


The UK Government is set to introduce ‘clean air zones' and ‘toxin taxes' for diesel cars in major cities from 2019 onwards. London will increase its charges for diesel carsfrom 2018.


Key Facts


  • The UK government has been ordered by the UK courts (twice) and the European Commission (EC) to reduce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels in the air

  • The EC has sent a final warning to UK for repeated breaches of legal air pollution limits in 16 areas

  • In 2016, 4 in 10 local authorities breached legal NO2 levels

  • High levels of NO2 are attributable to 23,500 premature deaths in the UK each year

  • NO2 is known to cause (or exacerbate) respiratory diseases including asthma and bronchitis

  • Diesel engines are the primary source of NO2 pollution - producing four times more NO2 than petrol engines

  • Particles from diesel engines have also been linked to heart disease and strokes

  • 39% of cars on the road in the UK run on diesel

  • The UK government is set to introduce ‘clean air zones' and ‘toxin taxes' for diesel cars in major cities from 2019

  • These charges could affect up to 10 million diesel cars in the UK

  • When combined with congestion charge, this could make the cost of driving a diesel car in central London £24 per day

  • A scrappage scheme may see diesel car owners offered up to £2,000 to switch to other fuel sources

 Diesel Car Toxin Tax Infographic

More information on the forthcoming ‘toxin tax' can be foundhere.


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