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Press release: Cuski Miniboo - designed for babies born too soon



Press release: 6thJuly 2017 

Cuski Miniboo twin pack - designed for babies born too soon


Designed and created as part of the Developmental Care Programme on the NICU or SCBU in UK hospitals, the multi-award winning Miniboos are for babies who are in incubators and poorly where over handling is advised against.

Newborns need to bond with their parents, especially Mum, and the idea of Miniboos is that Mum keeps one with her picking up those important Mummy smells and then places it in the incubator. By having two, they can be ‘re-charged' and swapped over. Mum also benefits from the smell of her baby, something which in turn, helps the flow of milk when breast feeding.

Miniboos have been voted Best Practice initiative by UNICEF Baby friendly International Neonatal Conference and short listed in the Child Health by the RCNI (Royal College of Nursing) Awards.

Midwives have reported that Miniboos can help lower babies' blood pressure.

Sister Claire Ellerby from the SCBU at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary introduced the Cuski Miniboo bonding aid initiative and guidelines to her unit and found it helped provide a connection between babies and their families via the powerful sense of smell. Miniboo is also ideal for twins who have been separated, ensuring that unique bonding even when apart.

Miniboos are made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre which has anti-bacterial properties.

Miniboos are not classed as plush toys by most hospitals and are therefore allowed in incubators.

Safety Awareness : Please note all babies need monitoring, and especially with items of clothing, muslin squares, toys, comforters, cuddlies & bed linen. Some parents prefer to tie knots in the legs and arms of Cuskis or attach to stroller or cot with babies who are ultra-active while sleeping. All Cuski products are fully tested and used in UK hospitals. Cuski products have won many awards and are sold globally.


Note to Editors:

Cuski Miniboo 2 pack £24.98 from Cuski

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