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Invitation to the London launch of The Mango Girl

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If you have any plans to be in London next week, we would like to invite you to meet Dr Ava Brown at one of the two events she has planned to launch The Mango Girl. We understand, of course, that not everyone is based in or around London - or will have plans to visit next week - but we wanted to offer the chance for an interview with this incredible lady. We’d be happy to organise email/telephone/Skype interviews and to send you one of the new paperbacks hot off the press!
Ava has survived and thrived against incredible odds...she’s a power-house entrepreneur, founder of PurposeWalk, homelessness campaigner, and author of The Mango Girl – her true-life story of growing up in poverty in Jamaica, surviving unimaginable horrors including abuse and rape, and fleeing the country to positively raise her daughter (and later her son) in London and forge a successful career as a business woman and creative entrepreneur.


The book is currently being discussed with Hollywood producers for a feature film and publishers for foreign rights translation deals. Ava is open to interviews, editorial commissions and comments. If you’d like to book time with Ava to interview her at either launch event please get in touch. For press copies of the book (they will be available at the launch events along with press packs too) please contact

If you can make one of the launches, the links below take you to the event pages where you can register. Please also email us to confirm so we can ensure your name is on the press guest list so you won't be charged a fee to get in.


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The Mango Girlby Dr Ava Brown


You are invited to the London launch of The Mango Girl

27thJune at the Institute of Directors:

29thJune at Waterstones Piccadilly:


Dr Ava Brown invites you to join her to celebrate the launch of her courageous, real-life story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica. Ava learnt the life lessons of perseverance and survival. From a very young age, her self-taught belief that she was destined for more than the community's recreational activities of sex, raising babies and going to the farm, gave her the courage to forge a very different path to the one expected of her. With negotiations currently taking place with leading Hollywood television and film producers, the book launch is just the start of this particular journey for Ava.


‘The Mango Girl' begins in a poor rural area of Jamaica, where the need to find food often won the battle over school attendance. Ava's journey through the teenage years was encased in the dark shadows of incest, homelessness, and sexual abuse.

Ava's life took an entirely different path when she was raped at gunpoint in front of her then three-year-old daughter. This led her to flee her home country to save her sanity (she describes it as being ejected from her own DNA).


Her resilience and love for her native country allowed her to see the harsh and disappointing experiences as stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman, one who can help society to break the cycle of poverty and its effects. Ava invites you to join her on a reflection of her journey through her book, ‘The Mango Girl'. You will experience her triumphs, setbacks, and trials. ‘The Mango Girl' will break your heart before it makes you smile. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that breaks hearts, evokes myriad emotions, but ultimately will undoubtedly motivate, inspire, and fuel a desire for change from within.


"Wow! What a life! It is such an intimate account I feel I've known you for twenty years...I had heart pangs in places throughout your story. I'm sure you've shed a quiet tear every time you are on the plane leaving Jamaica."

Matthew Binns - Producer of the Hollywood film 2Fast2Furious


About The Author

Dr Ava Eagle Brown was born and brought up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. She trained as a secondary teacher in Montego Bay, Jamaica, followed by an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Wales and an MBA from Newport University, Southern California. Ava now holds an honorary doctorate degree, awarded for her philanthropy working in women empowerment, homelessness and people transformation. She lives in London and is the mother of two children, whom she calls her life. Ava is a Transformational Coach, International Motivational Speaker and Author. Ava is currently working on part two of The Mango Girl - Steel and Stone - and has authored and published several books. Her original biography, Bamboo and Fern, has sold in more than 45 countries. Ava's vision is to help other people tap into their full potential by eradicating self-limiting beliefs for them to ultimately live the lives they want, need and desire; essentially a life of abundance.


Awards include: • The Radioworks Authors Award 2017 • Author of the Year Award • Powerhouse Woman Award 2017 • Inspirational Role Model Award 2015 • Motivational Woman of 2015 - Black African Women Rock • Nominated for a BEFFTA Award • Nominated for London Leadership Peace Award


Talking Points...

  • Growing up in Jamaica as a child and becoming an adult in the UK.

  • Living through dramatic, life-changing situations including incest, homelessness and sexual abuse.

  • Surviving and thriving as a victim of rape.

  • The importance of tackling fears head-on, and Ava's experience of returning to Jamaica and being treated as something of a ‘heroine'.

  • Challenging the status quo, pushing against gender barriers, and the importance of an education.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and the concept of being a product of your experiences.





Title:The Mango Girl

Author:Dr Ava Brown

Genre:Memoir, Inspiration

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:29/06/17

Availability:Paperback, International distribution


Price: £14.99


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