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Oppo - Try a dab. T-lab Original t-shirt’s latest.

Oppo - Try a dab. T-lab Original t-shirt's latest.



Here's our latest t-shirt for motorsport fans for summer or Father's Day pages.


Try a dab. A common phrase amongst the motorsport fraternity, ‘A dab of oppo' has always struck as nicely understated. As though the driver was lightly putting on a drop of aftershave - not performing a skilful and often heart-stopping manoeuver.

The back end breaks away, tyres squeal, there's rubber on the track - yes, it's time for ‘a dab of oppo'.

Like the phrase itself, our design celebrates the glory of opposite lock in a nicely understated manner.

Oppo is designed by us and screen printed in the UK onto black heavyweight 100% cotton shirt.

Small, medium, large and xl.




Hope you think your readers would like it - please get in touch for more images, back stories and samples.

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