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Morpher, award winning folding helmet, hits 60% of its Seedrs target on launch


Morpher, the multi-award winning flat folding helmet, hits 60% of its Seedrs equity crowdfunding target on campaign launch


  • 60% of our target funding committed pre-launch of theSeedrscampaign

  • More than 4000 life-saving Morpher helmets already sold worldwide

  • Initial reward based crowdfunding campaign smashed its target by more than 1,100%

  • Morpher has won multiple awards including TIME magazine's top 25 inventions of 2016

  • Ongoing growth of the 1000+ bike share schemes worldwide have a compulsory helmet policy

For immediate release: London  Morpher, the multi-award winning flat folding helmet has launched an equity crowd funding campaign aiming to raise at least £600k through UK based Seedrs, with nearly 60% of funding achieved on




Morpher is scaling up at a time when the cycling sector is booming worldwide. More bikes than cars are sold in Europe and the US and cycle schemes are proliferating in most major cities.Investing in Morpher is an opportunity to participate in one of the world's fastest growing sectors. It is a chance to be part of a cool and exciting new product which has already attracted a huge amount of interest and for which there is a lot of demand.

 Watch the campaign video here it's short compelling and to the point.

Morpher Helmet opens and closes in seconds (put in short clip), fits easily into a laptop bag, handbag, backpack or schoolbag and solves the problem of people not wearing a bicycling helmet because they are too cumbersome to lug around. Not wearing a helmet puts people at risk from serious head/brain injury or death when they cycle.**


Morpher was invented by Jeff Woolf OBE (as seen above), a well-known innovation specialist, twice named British inventor of the year. Jeff has been working on the Morpher Helmet for more than four years. Hecame up with the idea of Morpher with its folding helmet technology after he nearly died in a cycling accident. Doctors told him that he would have almost certainly have not survived if he hadn't been wearing a helmet.After his accident, Jeff began noticing that despite the risks, many people didn't wear helmets. He became passionate about road safety,determined to find out why they didn't and as a seasoned innovator was keen to find a solution.

"I conducted a survey to find out why people refused to wear a helmet. I was amazed to discover that even though those surveyed realised that they were risking brain injury or worse by not wearing a helmet, 83% said they still didn't want to wear one. The reason? They were too cumbersome to carry around on the off--chance that they might need to use one. After a lot of research, quite a few bumps in the road, extensive safety testing and scraping together of funds I launcheda reward based crowdfunding campaign targeted to raise $35k to see if there was a market for my invention. To date the original campaign has smashed its target and has raised almost $400,000. We have sold more than 4000 Morpher helmets around the globe", says Jeff.

Jeff and the Morpher helmet now has a band of loyal fans and champions all over the world. It has won five prestigious international awards for design and innovation. The helmet has received outstanding feedback from cyclists, safety experts, the cycling industry, and has also featured extensively in the media worldwide.

Morpher has patents granted in many countries, pending in several others,exceeds all relevant safety standards (it has CE1078 and CPSC certification) and is manufactured by one of the world's leading helmet manufacturers who also produce big name brand cycle helmets such as Bell, Giro, Scott, Lazer, Specialized, Bolle, Kali, POC, Trek and Limar.

Seedrs' investors will have the opportunity to be part of an exciting company that has proven potential, access to an incredibly receptive and growing market, a highly-experienced management team and significant interest from investors, agents and distributors worldwide.

Watch theMorpher video

The funds raised will go towards development of the next generation of folding cycle helmets, as well as a new range of helmets for snow sports, motor sports, sports safety, security and other sports where helmets are used.  Money will also be used for sales, marketing, production, design, intellectual property and R&D.

"It's exciting times for Morpher, I have brought this product to the market with blood, sweat and tears. Now I've got a great team behind me and the order book is filling up very nicely. Investing in Morpher is a chance to be part of a multi-award winning venture that has already attracted an incredible amount of goodwill and support as well as a huge amount of interest and demand."

"I am so proud that we already have more than 4000 people around the world cycling far more safely. We're doing our bit to help the planet and to save people from traumatic brain injury or death, one helmet at a time", says Jeff.


For further information, jpegs,video, interview and more information please contact: Caroline Ratner, 020 8209 0120 or 07976 765453

Notes to Editors

Morpher is the world's first flat folding helmet. Morpher folds & unfolds quickly and simply, so it's perfect for cyclists who want to carry a helmet more easily.

Why Jeff Invented the helmet

Wearinga helmet can significantly reduce traumatic brain injury or worse. Concerns for cyclists' safety are rising as casualty and fatality statistics increase as more people take upcycling.

Morpher aims to give the world an unprecedented ease of access to cycle safety.

Morpher already has interest and orders from sales agents and distributors from the US, Japan, Germany, UK, Israel, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Singapore, Korea, Belgium, and many other countries. With over 1000 bike share schemes around the world, many in countries where wearing a helmet is mandatory, the potential for sales in this sector alone, is enormous.


**The largest meta study ever conducted on the relationship between bicycle helmets and injuries was published in 2016, comprising a synthesis of 40 separate studies from 11 countries, involving approximately 64,000 injured cyclists.[40] The findings were as follows:

  • Wearing a helmet reduces the probability of a head injury by 50%.

  • Wearing a helmet reduces the probability of a serious head injury by 69%.

  • Wearing a helmet reduces the probability of a fatal head injury by 65%.

  • Wearing a helmet reduces the probability of a facial injury by 33%.

  • A report considered the Olivier and Creighton meta-analysis claims that helmet use is associated with odds reductions of 51% for head injury, 69% for serious head injury, 33% for face injury and 65% for fatal head injury.