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Stelvio - T-lab t-shirts latest. Get in touch for spring samples.

Stelvio - T-lab t-shirts latest. Get in touch for spring samples.


I'd like to introducewww.t-lab.eufor your spring, summer and fathers's day features.

We're a small British brand who design and produce screen printed t-shirts for men and women looking for clothing that is distinctive and contemporary.

Our shirts feature the bold use of shape and colour with a minimalist less-is-more attitude. We take inspiration from art, design, sport and popular culture, and a lateral look at our subjects to create original designs with a graphic twist.

Copy and images below for our latest cycling inspired shirt - Stelvio.

Hope you think your readers would like it - please get in touch for more images, back stories and samples.

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New for our cycling fans after ride wear - pros, enthusiasts and supporters - this spring is

Our Stelvio t-shirt celebrates Italy's Passa del Stelvio, one of the most famous climbs in cycling. Starting from the town of Prato at 950 metres high, the Stelvio Pass climbs to 2,758 metres, a 24km ride with an ascent of 1,808m. The scenery is stunning (though you may not notice it at the time), the climb is non-stop, the weather is changeable and just for fun the very steepest part of the climb comes right at the end.

Four colour screen print onto a Pacific Grey soft cotton shirt.
Small, medium, large and xl.


For images, info and samples contact