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Five illuminating reasons businesses should switch to LEDs this Earth Day

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19 April 2017

 Five illuminating reasons businesses should switch to LEDs this

Earth Day (22 April 2017)


  • Consider offset finance schemes

  • Replacement calculations need comparing against existing bulbs


With National Earth Day approaching (22 April 2017), which, amongst other issues, aims to address climate change,Lycothrows some light on why LEDs are an easy way for a business to reduce its environmental footprint and save money.

Charles Barnett, MD of Lyco said:"Lighting constitutes a staggering twenty per cent of worldwide energy consumption and therefore a correspondingly large proposition of a business's energy bill. However, in contrast to our homes, dimming the lights in the workplace is simply not an option, so businesses need to seek out more energy efficient lighting products in order to do their bit for the environment and also reduce their running costs."

Five reasons businesses should make the switch to LEDs:

  1. Energy-efficiency:LED technology is extremely energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting (including halogen) and 60% less than old fluorescent lighting.

  2. Lifespan:LED light bulbs last up to 50 times longer than a traditional light bulb, so businesses can spend far less time and money in maintenance and can reduce their stock of spare light bulbs.

  3. Temperature:Because LED lighting projects little or no IR heat in its beam, converting to LEDs reduces fire risk and, potentially, air conditioning costs. LED spotlights are useful for lighting heat-sensitive items such as artworks or food.

  4. Tough:LED lighting is resistant to shock and vibration and performs reliably at cold temperatures (typically down to -20°C).

  5. Costs:The combination of a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption guarantees a return on investment, whether you're talking one bulb or a thousand.

See below for a running and replacement cost comparison example:

Running costs:Running costs for a conference centre include maintaining lighting in men's and women's WC areas, a conference cafe and a main bar area: a total of 111 bulbs of four different types.

Based on a scenario where all of the light bulbs are left on for 24 hours a day, running costs for non-LED bulbs are £5,602.90 vs. £1,400.72 for LEDs.  In other words, running costs are reduced by £4202.18 per year due to an 85% improvement in energy efficiency.

Replacement costs:If the same theoretical conference centre chose to replace its current lighting solution with LED bulbs, it could make a further saving of £872.25, based on a 4-year period - the average lifespan of an LED bulb if left on permanently.* With the addition of other lighting controls such as dimmers, motion sensors and timers, energy costs could be further reduced.

Charles Barnett said:"LED lighting products have significantly improved since the turn of the century and they've steadily decreased in price. Whilst replacement costs are often the biggest stumbling block for businesses, many suppliers offer flexible finance schemes that allow companies to offset their payments with energy savings.

"We've spoken to many businesses who are reluctant to switch because they wrongly believe LED conversions are costly, but that's often because they haven't fully calculated the comparison with their existing bulbs. When this is done, it can be a real eye opener..."

Charles Barnett concluded:"Businesses should select an LED lighting provider who has previously worked on major conversions as they will not only be skilled in managing the project and ensure that the work does not disrupt day-to-day operations, but also recommend the best LED lighting solutions for your business."

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*Calculations include an estimated servicing cost of £5 per bulb change, based on a maximum 20 minutes of work and average pay rates for electrical maintenance workers.

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