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GK7 Management System for Monitoring Fuel

GK7 Fuel Management System from Gespasa

Bell Flow Systems offers a fuel management system that can be retrofitted to existing fuel dispensing systems or can come as a complete integrated solution with transfer pumps and dispensing equipment. These also offer management software to download and analyse the data and alternatively a model with built in GPRS modem and antenna to send the data remotely and view anywhere with internet access.

The Gespasa GK-7 management system offers a great retrofit solution for monitoring fuel dispensing. With options for a metallic cabinet, IP65 box or in a free-standing Totem the GK7 can be fitted in many different locations to suit the needs of the user. It allows access only to registered users via a Pin code and / or key fob and can limit the volume of fuel dispensed to each user and records how much each user has taken.

The software and communication kits allows the manager to analyse all the dispenses and to see how much each user has taken. There is also the option to identify by each vehicle and this then gives details of fuel consumption when mileage details have been entered. The GK-7Plus model has an integrated GPRS modem and automatically transits the data of each service to be then viewed online, ideal for when managing multiple sites or when access to the GK-7 is not possible.

The GK-& and GK-7Plus is available in integrated fuel dispensing kits, which include fuel transfer pump, delivery hose, nozzle and nozzle holder with micro switch to switch on and off the pump automatically. Available in enclosures to be mounted on a wall or pedestal or in free standing Totems these kits offer a fully integrated fuel management system to control and monitor fuel transfer.


About Bell Flow Systems: 
Bell Flow Systems was established in 1997 with the emphasis being firmly placed on the provision of flow measurement solutions to industry. Since that time, Bell Flow Systems and it's sister company Cortex Displays Ltd have adapted and grown to meet new demands and challenges in an ever changing market place. We now build systems, manufacture display instrumentation and supply a range of products to the renewables market and the environmental market.