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New charity to support injured servicemen



  • Mark Allen is a young British serviceman who served in Afghanistan and lost both his legs when he stepped on a bomb.


  • Martyn Compton was badly burned when his armoured vehicle was hit by a Taliban missile.


  • New Charity links the theatre of war to the medical theatre and rehabilitates and resettles into society, former members of the armed forces who have been wounded, physically or psychologically by providing or assisting in the provision of medical treatment (including reconstructive surgery) emotional and psychological support and facilities.

 Martyn Compton was serving in the Household Cavalry when he was caught in a blast from an improvised explosive device. It destroyed his eyelids, leaving them permanently open, and placing him at risk of completely losing his vision from chronic eye disease.

Mark Allen lost both his legs when he stepped on a bomb. He has had more than 20 treatments for shrapnel wounds to his arms and neck endured while serving with 1st battalion of The Royal Anglian Regiment.

Martyn and Mark have been treated by Back on Track which helps British troops as they return home from war with serious injuries and disfiguring scarring to the skin.


These two soldiers have also become heavily involved in cart racing through Back on Track which has proven to have had an enormous benefit to their (and other wounded soldiers) recovery and return to the world. Whilst treating the service personnel, the team discovered that many servicemen were passionate about racing. The thrill of hurtling around the track, competing against injured, and able-bodied drivers, boosted endorphins, did wonders for their confidence and speeded up the whole recovery process. 


Both men are willing to be photographed and tell their full story.  There is also a servicewoman who was covered in burns who would be willing to tell her story.