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New Plum Mac R6 Data Logger


Now available from Bell Flow Systems, the MacR6 is a user friendly, low cost solution for monitoring water consumption and pressure within water distribution networks and many other flow metering applications.

Data is collected automatically by picking up a pulse from a flow meter or an input from another single device. Data is transferred to a central server for analysis once a day or more frequently if required via the integral GPRS modem.

The MacR6 is internally powered and housed in a fully waterproof IP68 enclosure, making it ideal for remote areas where power is not available and where the meter will be exposed to harsh weather or installed submerged. It also has a local display allowing the data to be viewed at the measuring location.

A fantastic feature of the MacR6 is its simplicity in installation. It is programmed via Bluetooth with free downloadable Android applications using the OptoBTEx optical head allowing you to simply connect to the device without the need for any tools and set all the required parameters. There is an additional free Android application for reading the data from the meter allowing the user to view data at the site.

The MacR6 can be used to identify where water is being used inefficiently and to monitor and meter at single or multiple site applications. It can be utilised in a wide range of applications including industrial, commercial and public sites where the consumption of water and analysis of data is required.

The new MacR6/N is also now available, with near field communication (NFC) technology to program and read the device and also has mounting options to fit directly on to water meters of leading manufacturers including Itron, Diehl and Sensus. This provides a simple, economical and compact method of recording water consumption with ease of fitting and programming and with the ability to view and analyse data anywhere with an internet connection.

About Bell Flow Systems: 
Bell Flow Systems was established in 1997 with the emphasis being firmly placed on the provision of flow measurement solutions to industry. Since that time, Bell Flow Systems and it's sister company Cortex Displays Ltd have adapted and grown to meet new demands and challenges in an ever changing market place. We now build systems, manufacture display instrumentation and supply a range of products to the renewables market and the environmental market. 



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