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T-lab t-shirts - original, creative, cool. Get in touch for spring designs and o

T-lab t-shirts - original, creative, cool. Get in touch for spring designs and our story.


I'd like to introducewww.t-lab.eufor your spring, summer and father's day features.

We're a small British brand who design and produce screen printed t-shirts for men and women looking for clothing that is distinctive, creative and contemporary.

Our shirts feature the bold use of shape and colour with a minimalist less-is-more attitude. We take inspiration from art, design, sport and popular culture, and a lateral look at our subjects to create cool, original designs with a graphic twist.

Here's a selection for this spring each with their own Lab Notes. Please get in touch for more images, back stories and samples.

Best wishes,


New from T-lab this spring is the first in our men's Creative Cities series range. For weekend casual wear or for urban travellers, retro never looked more modern. First up is -

A celebration of one of Europe's coolest cities, Amsterdam offers a mix of retro fun and contemporary minimalism. The red white and blue stripes, taken from the flag of the Netherlands add a slice of colour to offset the punchy black shapes of the huge retro A.

Three colour screen print onto white 100% cotton shirt.
Men's - small, medium, large and xl.



For cycling enthusiasts here's -

Riding successfully in a fast-moving peloton is both a scientific and potentially catastrophic manoeuvre. You save energy by riding close and reducing drag but if anything goes wrong you have nano-seconds to react. Speed with organised chaos.

One colour screen print onto navy 100% cotton shirt.
Men's - small, medium, large and xl.



For film and culture lovers -

Simple and energetic monochrome graphic screen-printed on to heavyweight pistachio green cotton shirt. Also available as black design onto a white shirt.

One colour screen print onto moss green 100% cotton shirt.
Men's - small, medium, large and xl.


Following the success of our men's ranges, this spring we've taken our design approach across a small range for women. As an intro here's Orbit, with Flowertime and Brazilia Bird in the pipeline -

Spacey op-art design, screen printed onto vintage violet shirt.
Also available onto a moss gree base.
Two colour screen print onto 100% ringspun cotton.
Women's - small, medium, large and xl.



We're a small team and as designers enjoy looking for a creative way to express ourselves. T-shirts, with their history of youthful, easy-going style are a great way to do that.


Our shirts are designed in Rutland and screen printed in Nottingham. Since starting T-lab, we've seen our designs featured in magazines and website in many different countries, and sell shirts to men and women worldwide.


We chose the name T-lab because the whole project was an experiment, creating a design approach that was different to anything else. Our aim for the future is to create an ever-improving range of designs, all held together by our distinctive design approach of lateral thinking and sharp styling.


For images, info and samples contact