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Was This In The Plan? Book Launch Sept - From a family of 6 to 4 in 15 months

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Stephanie Nimmo is the superwoman behind the hugely popular blog Was This In The Plan? Originally it started as a way of documenting her new life  - going from career Mum to full-time carer for her fourth child, Daisy, but life then took such a huge number of twists and turns that it became a way of sharing the highs and lows of situations that simply were never 'part of the plan'. From losing her husband to cancer to 15 months later losing Daisy aged 12, Was This In The Plan? is a frank, open, no holds barred account of how a family was determined not just to survive but to thrive when the odds were against them. 
Extracts, a pre-proof ARC (PDF) and images are available. Also, for interview/editorial enquiries please contact us.

Steph is available for in-person/telephone/email and pre-rec interviews during Dying Matters Awareness Week 8th to 14th May 2017. She is determined to open up the conversation about death to try to stop it from being such a taboo topic. 

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Was This In The Plan?

By Stephanie Nimmo

In 2004 Stephanie Nimmo was a career-focused, suburban mother of three, happily married to the love of her life, Andy. In December that year their fourth child was born and life as Steph knew it changed dramatically. From having to give up a successful career to care for her fragile, life-limited daughter, to learning how to cope with the challenges of her sons' autism diagnoses and the cruel blow of Andy's terminal cancer, Steph learned very early on that it's not the cards you are dealt in life but how you play them.


Far from being a misery memoir, Was This In The Plan?, is a frank, open and no-holds-barred account of how a family was determined not just to survive but to thrive when the odds were against them. It will make you question your own attitude to life and how you choose to respond when unexpected events throw you off course.


About the Author

[image]Stephanie Nimmo is a London-based writer, mother, music-lover, carer, widow, bereaved parent, runner and all-round plate spinner. She's still trying to have a life, despite life's unexpected twists and turns. Stephanie started writing about her life (caring for her youngest daughter who had a rare genetic condition) as a way of documenting what was happening, but also in order to share an insight into a world and a life that she previously knew nothing about. The blog grew and grew in popularity and is now read by tens of thousands of people around the world:

As her family's life became increasingly complicated Stephanie's blog was not only therapeutic, but it also helped educate a wider audience on the realities of caring not only for a complex child but a terminally ill husband. Stephanie Nimmo's experiences have shown her to possess an incredible resilience she never knew she had, it has shaped her and she believes that we are all shaped by what happens to us.

"We can't choose our life's path, much as we try, the unexpected will always happen, but it's how we respond to it that makes the difference. I decided to write my book after my husband passed away as I not only wanted to share our story but also share that we should take nothing for granted in life. I really have had to seize the day and I hope that my book will inspire readers to reflect on their own lives and how they choose to respond to what happens to them."


[image]Talking points...

  • From a family of six to four in just over a year, losing her husband to cancer and then 14 months later her 12-year-old daughter Daisy following life-long illness, Stephanie writes with such powerful, raw honesty that it is impossible to not be moved and inspired by her story.

  • Was This In The Plan? shows how life can change in the blink of an eye. From suburban career mum to full-time carer, single parent, and bereaved mother flying solo, Stephanie is strong, inspiring and resilient and manages to write with such clarity, positivity and openeess.

  • Life as a full-time carer, raising kids with a disabled sibling, managing routine and respite, responding to awkward/crass comments, and raising awareness about the importance of carers.

  • Dying Matters Awareness Week - 8-14 May. Steph is determined to open up the conversation about death - let's stop it from being a taboo topic! As Steph writes on her blog: "I talk about death a lot in this blog, but everyone who knows me personally also knows that I am the most optimistic, positive person out there."



Was This In The Plan?

Author:Stephanie Nimmo

Genre:Memoir, Family, Health

Publisher:Hashtag Press

Publication date:

September 12 2017

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution


Price: £12.99




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