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New Bristol-based Specialist Recruitment Agency predicts jobs of the future


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New Bristol-based Specialist Recruitment Agency predicts jobs of the future to include Asteroid Miner, Space Clinician and Predictive People Analytics

A new recruitment agency that focuses on the employment of managers across a wide range of sectors, ManagerHired predicts the managers of the future will be working in occupations that today seem like a distant dream, but the firm is working in partnership with a business that is already using futuristic new sciences in predictive people analytics to get the best

[image]Steve Marney, who heads up the Bristol firm, refers to research that shows people will need to prepare themselves for a range of new experiences from jobs in outer space, like asteroid miner and space clinician to jobs that will possibly involve projecting their holographic image to teach classrooms of students or take part in a "virtual" boardroom discussion.

However, whatever new jobs lay in wait, Steve is confident there will always be a requirement for good managers. He explains why he decided to focus on the provision of managers: "I realise each industry needs its own domain knowledge but on top of this specific knowledge, the qualities that make someone a good manager are more or less similar. This is why I decided to offer a service that concentrates on finding people with key management qualities.

All of the management attributes are confirmed during the recruitment process thanks to a partnership with a business that has a very futuristic sounding system. Cognisess specialises in the new science of predictive people analytics. Steve says, "Their smart and proven key assessments add a depth of analysis that gives both our candidates and clients a very intelligent insight. The Cognisess system allows ManagerHired to recommend candidates not only on past performance, but also their natural ability and future potential." Further details

Steve continues, "Qualities of a good manager first and foremost include great communication skills - this is the main and prerequisite skill. Without being able to communicate properly you can forget about the rest. The second most important skill is good organisation. You have to be able to schedule, organize and follow your own plan. It also involves understanding the rules and processes in the company and among people, and predicting what will happen and when."

Other qualities that Steve looks for in his prospective candidates include team building, leadership and the ability to deal with change.

Picture Caption: Steve Marney, MD of ManagerHired

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Editor's Notes

ManagerHired Ltd is a city centre based recruitment company specialising in the placement of people into permanent management positions across a range of business sectors. The main focus is finding people with management ability to fit into those management roles outlined by our clients. Our consultants apply themselves to filling a small number of roles each month which allows us to give our clients the friendly, professional service and the regular communication they deserve. Our ideal clients are either small business owners, or larger companies with HR Departments who require some extra help now and then.

March 2017