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3 March 2017






NewVIc College and Newham Bookshop were proud to welcome British mathematician and senior lecturer Dr.Eugenia Cheng on Wednesday 15 March.


Her latest bookBeyond Infinity:An Expedition into the Outer Limits of Mathematicschallenges traditional ideas by using food analogy, making mathematical concepts more digestible.


Eugenia's fresh approach to understanding maths has currently been attracting international media attention. In the guardian newspaper she expressed her vision which is ‘to rid the world of mathematics phobia'. During a time when many students across the UK face the challenge of retaking maths, NewVIc were especially interested in what this book could offer students.


Born in the UK, Eugenia is a scientist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an Honorary Fellow of the University of Sheffield and an Honorary Visiting Fellow of City University, London. She describes her lectures as ‘fun and wacky .... I like baking, and using food to explain maths whenever possible''. Her talents are impressive as she is also a professional concert pianist, breaking career, gender and racial barriers. Attendees were attracted from a range of subject fields as well as different schools and colleges.


It gave attendees a fun alternative way to process information in what may have otherwise been deemed as complicated. Students sat and listened intently and discussed Eugenia's take on maths.

Secondary student Shaan Atwal, daughter of Newham Magazine's Kay Atway won a copy of ‘Beyond Infinity' book by answering a questionset by Eugenia. The event ended with a book signing which gave students and guests the opportunity to speak to the author herself.


Ian Stewart, himself a Mathematician and science fiction writer, said: ‘Beyond Infinity is witty, charming and crystal clear. Eugenia Cheng's enthusiasm and carefully chosen metaphors and analogies carry us effortlessly through the mathematical landscape of the infinite. A brilliant book ‘.


Eddie Playfair, Principal of NewVIc said: "At a time when many students at colleges across England are facing the challenge of retaking GCSE Maths in order to achieve a grade C, Eugenia offers a fresh perspective on making Maths more interesting and relevant to today's learners."


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