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News: Hashtag Press acquires Was This In The Plan? by Stephanie Nimmo


Press Release London, United Kingdom, Tuesday 21stMarch 2017


Hashtag Press acquires ‘Was This In The Plan?'

Written by prolific blogger, journalist, Mum and carer Stephanie Nimmo


What if you thought you had your life mapped out, but then things didn't go according to plan?


In 2004 Stephanie Nimmo was a career-focused, suburban mother of three, happily married to the love of her life, Andy. In December that year their fourth child was born and life as Steph knew it changed dramatically.


From having to give up a successful career to care for her fragile, life-limited daughter, to learning how to cope with the challenges of her sons' autism diagnoses and the final cruel blow of Andy's terminal cancer, Steph learned very early on that it's not the cards you are dealt in life but how you play them.


[image]Far from being a misery memoir,Was this in the Plan?is a frank, open and no-holds-barred account of how a family was determined not just to survive but to thrive when the odds were against them. It will make you question your own attitude to life and how you choose to respond when unexpected events throw you off course.


Abiola Bello, co-director of Hashtag Press, says: "From the moment I met Stephanie I knew her story was one that must be told. She is incredibly positive, inspiring and courageous, and I know she will inspire many other carers, parents, women, men, and young people to take a moment to consider what they have, right here, right now."


Helen Lewis, co-director of Hashtag Press, had followed Stephanie's journey on her blog - for months before finally meeting her in 2016. "As a parent to young children, I know it's easy to get swept up in the relentless routine and the mundane day-to-day stresses, but it never fails to amaze me that despite all that has happened to Stephanie and her family - going from two parents and four children to one parent and three children - in such a short space of time, this awesome lady is still standing and inspiring and challenging and living life to the full. This book will change your life, because of how much Stephanie's life has changed over the past two years, and it will inspire a movement of change within you - it certainly has had a strong impact on me."


Stephanie Nimmo, author, blogger, parent, carer, journalist, says:"I started writing about my life caring for my youngest daughter who had a rare genetic condition as a way of documenting what was happening but also to share an insight into a world and a life that I previously knew nothing about.


"As my family's life became more and more complicated my blog was not only therapeutic, but it also helped educate a wider audience on the realities of life caring not only for a complex child but a terminally ill husband.


"My experiences have shown me that I have resilience that I never knew I had, it has shaped me and I really believe that we are all shaped by what happens to us. We can't choose our life's path, much as we try, the unexpected will always happen, but it's how we respond to it that makes the difference.


"I decided to write my book after my husband passed away as I not only wanted to share our story but also share that we should take nothing for granted in life. I really have had to seize the day and I hope that my book will inspire readers to reflect on their own lives and how they choose to respond to what happens to them."


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Was This In The Plan?is available for pre-order now via via the publisher's website:


Was This In The Plan?will be published by Hashtag Press Ltd on September 12th2017 (RRP £12.99) and available in eBook and paperback formats internationally, online and in all good bookshops.


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About the author

Stephanie Nimmo grew up in the Victorian seaside town of Penarth in South Wales. She attended the United World College of the Atlantic and subsequently gained a degree in Social Anthropology at Kent University. Stephanie moved to London in 1990 and has never left. These days she refers to herself as London Welsh.


Marriage to her long-term partner Andy followed, together with a mortgage and children. Her successful, international marketing career was cut short on the arrival of her fourth child, Daisy, who was born with a rare, life-limiting genetic condition. Overnight Steph became a full-time carer and entered a world of which she had no prior experience.


Stephanie has written about the issues facing carers and people with disabilities in her multi-award nominated blog,Was this in the Plan?. She also writes for The Guardian, Mumsnet, The Independent and The Huffington Post, as well as being featured on BBC Ouch!, the BBC's disability channel.


Stephanie has spoken about resilience to BT's Equality network and has given numerous speeches on behalf of the Children's palliative care charity, Together for Short Lives, as well as writing guest features for Carer's UK and Great Ormond Street Children's Charity. In 2016, Stephanie received a National Carer's Award from Carer's UK.


Andy, Steph's husband and partner of 27 years passed away in December 2015 following a diagnosis of terminal cancer the year before. 13 months later their daughter Daisy also passed away, she had just turned 12. Steph lives in Wimbledon, South West London, with her three surviving children and their dog, Pluto. Steph personifies resilience. She is determined that despite everything that has happened in her life she will thrive and not just survive.