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The difference a SEBO vacuum cleaner makes to a young allergy sufferer



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9 March 2017

The difference a SEBO vacuum cleaner makes to a young allergy sufferer


SEBO, leader in quality vacuum cleaners, has been heralded as the longest-standing Allergy UK "Seal of Approval" holder.  As such, the design-led, high-tech German machines help thousands of people to enjoy allergy-free homes throughout the world.

Sarah*, 9, lives happily with her family - and two cats - in a beautiful house which enjoys the SEBO treatment every day! It wasn't until she spent time at a schoolfriend's house - again with two cats - that she realised she actually had a pet or house dust allergy, as she suffered from an acute sneezing and coughing attack. Later this developed into skin rash which only went after taking anti-histamine. Proof indeed thatherSEBO vacuum cleaner was doing its job perfectly.

Many SEBO models have undergone scientific testing as part of Allergy UK's Seal of Approval endorsement, demonstrating that the products are of benefit for those living with allergic conditions.

SEBO boasts an extensive range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners; each made with the best quality materials so they perform to a consistently high standard for you year after year. After buying a SEBO vacuum cleaner, you won't be rushing out to buy another one for a very long time!

All SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners come with a five-year parts and labour guarantee. For further information, please call 01494 465 533 or

For more information about SEBO, please call 01494 465 533 or



* Not her real name.

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