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New Survey by Elephant App Reveals Modern Life is the Biggest Obstacle to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions


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New Survey Reveals Modern Life is the Biggest Obstacle to Making New Habits and Achieving New Year's Resolutions


Of the 73% of us who make New Year's Resolutions each January, by March 80% of people have broken them. But while a lack of willpower is generally thought of as the biggest factor in failing, the makers of a new habit changing app have found that modern life may be to blame.


According to a survey by the makers of the habit-reminder app, Elephant, of those who did break their New Year's Resolutions, nearly half (45%) said the reason they failed was that the constant distractions of everyday life got in the way.


Whether it's drinking more water, practicing mindfulness, working on your posture or moving around more, researchers have found that it takes anything from three weeks to nine months of regular practice to form a new habit.


Scientists have found that life's distractions can hamper successful habit-forming because struggling to balance work, kids, chores and socialising increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline. These hormones can over-stimulate your brain and drain your ability to focus and maintain willpower. 


Of those surveyed by Elephant, 53% believe that having a way to cut through life's distractions would be the biggest help in sticking to their new habits.


Elephant is an innovative new app for Apple Watch and iPhone that could hold the key to successful habit building. It is a powerful but beautifully simple habit-reminding app that gently encourages users to practice any desired habit repeatedly throughout the day. Decades of psychological research consistently show that mere repetition of a desired new behaviour in certain situations leads, through associative learning, to habit forming. Put simply, do it and repeat it until it becomes second nature.


Simple yet effective, users tell Elephant the new habit they'd like to maintain, choose how often they'd like to be reminded to do it each day and then go about their usual routine.


Suitable for use at home, in the office and on the go, Elephant sends subtle randomly timed visual cues or vibrations to person's phone or smart watch. The app reminds users to practice the habit they want to set in stone, cutting through the noise of a busy day, procrastination attempts or dwindling inspiration to help cement the desired change.


Ricky Cooper created Elephant App when he discovered he couldn't find one app that catered to any new habit.


He said, "Like many of our survey's respondents, I've spent a large chunk of my life trying, and failing, to set new habits. I'm busy, easily distracted, and like so many of the people who have come to Elephant App, life just gets in the way. My phone was full of apps for different goals, offering all kinds of tools I didn't use or need. I couldn't find one app that let me enter any goal and simply sent me subtle reminders throughout the day to help keep me on track. So I created Elephant - it makes sure I never forget.


"Using Elephant I've been able to break lots of different habits and form new, positive ones. I hope Elephant helps other people get the life they want as much as it has helped me."


Elephant is free to download with an in-app purchase of £0.99 for those who want to add custom habits and reminders.


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Elephant is an innovative new app designed for Apple Watches and iPhones. It's designed to help users get the life they want and deserve by helping them to break old habits and create new ones quickly, easily and effectively.


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