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Pervacio showcases Pervacio RoboticsĀ© at Mobile World Congress 2017


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Date: February 28, 2017

Pervacio showcases Pervacio Robotics©at

Mobile World Congress 2017


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Mobile device solutions specialist Pervacio is taking device process automation to the next level and will introduce its new ‘Pervacio Robotics©' solution powered by CVE at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

This latest solution in the Pervacio Revolution Platform©will utilize robotics process automation (RPA) powered by CVE to deliver enhanced ‘straight-through processing' at a lower cost than is currently available.Supporting organizations that have already transferred from a manual processing model to a semi-automated software-driven solution,Pervacio Robotics©powered by CVEenables businesses to implement a fully automated process-flow.

Organizations benefit from a more predictable process schedule and a consistent approach to mobile device processing, while procedures incorporate full auditing and reporting.Pervacio's latest innovation is purpose-designed to address the key issues facing the logistics operations in forward and reverse mobile device supply chain today, namely risingcosts, high cycle processing times, quality inconsistencies and impaired agility.

Pervacio's CEO Sanjay Kanodia, who is attending MWC to discuss the capabilities and key advantages of Pervacio Robotics©powered by CVE, said: "Organizations are always looking to utilize technology to achieve greater operating efficiencies, so process automation is not new. However, technological advances in the field of robotics mean that robots can now perform entire end-to-end processes with little human interaction.

"Our robotics enabled solution for mobile phone smart devices offers new capabilities on a significant scale along with a lower cost of automation."

Working with CVE Technology Group Inc., an established industry partner that supports the automated solution with customized hardware, Pervacio has developed a modular system capable of growing in line with a customer's business needs.RF testing, audio testing and functional testing, including key press, touch and headset connector testing, are among the tasks that can be conducted by robots. They can also visually inspect displays and identify surface defects.

Reducing the likelihood of error,Pervacio Robotics©powered by CVEdelivers significant cost savings.Greater operational efficiencies coupled with the lower costs involved in implementing robotics technology nowadays mean that organizations also stand to recoup their financial outlay sooner.

In45 countries, across all continents, Pervacio supports organizationswith patented products designed to simplify, centralize and speed up their operations while also delivering key efficiencies.Warehouse robotics is the company's latest innovation and not only carriesa lowerrisk than that associated with sourcing and building a bespoke in-house robotics solution, but can also be implemented over a shorter timeframe and at a reduced cost.

Caption: At MWC 2017 Pervacio will be discussing its latest innovative solutions, including RPA to support warehouse logistics providers in the forward and reverse mobile device supply chain.

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Established in 2004, Pervacio is a global company headquartered in the United States and operating in Canada, Hungary, India, Japan, Finland, Australia and the UK. Supporting businesses operating in the mobile device supply chain and consumer markets, its aim is to contain the cost of device management and improve customer service. Pervacio provides aweb-based software management platformto mobile device suppliers across the retail, enterprise (government and security) and warehouse sectors, as well as insurance underwriters and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Further information is available atwww.pervacio.comFollow Pervacio, Inc. on Twitter@PervacioInc

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