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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 28th February 2017

Nikki Roy is available to provide a thoughtful comment piece on this



Health and Wellbeing Professional says Employers are the answer to the NHS


  • Corporate employers should take responsibility for their employee's health and wellbeing and businesses could be the key to relieving the NHS crisis, according to Nikki Roy of Body Mechanics Remedial

  • According to HSE, 78% of injuries and illnesses are directly related to the workplace and therefore highlights the duty of care employers have towards their employees - yet are employers doing enough?

  • In addition, the well documented cutbacks in NHS resources and funding, supported by a BBC report quoting that 9 out of 10 hospitals are overloaded daily, strongly indicates that another approach needs to be taken towards healthcare; one that supports and compliments the NHS

  • In a recent article published by Employee Benefits, Jan Vickery, Head of Musculoskeletal services at AXA PPP Healthcare, strongly advocates the greater need for individuals and their employers to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing

  • Research by AXA PPP Healthcare shows 73% of respondents have musculoskeletal issues, with 46% of them sitting down for four to six hours per day


  • Corporate health and wellbeing programmes need to look at:

    • the immediate work environment - workstation set ups, appropriate tools and equipment, responsibilities and requirements within job roles

    • physical health - exercise, nutrition, relaxation

    • mental wellbeing - psychological, emotional and spiritual - something high on the agenda for the Government as highlighted by Theresa May


  • Health & Safety Executive state that workplace injuries and illnesses in 2014/15 cost £14.1bn

  • 41% or £8.8m of which relates to musculoskeletal disorders 2015/16

  • 37% relates to stress (no financials given)

  • Equates to a £5bn total economic cost for Great Britain 2015/16


  • Body Mechanics Remedial was set up in 2012 to specifically address these issues and to offer comprehensive health and wellbeing programmes for the workplace and has seen positive results

  • Our clients have found the following after using our services:

100% say it helps maintain their general health and well-being

93% of staff attend regularly

50% use the service to help manage stress

22% use it for treatment of a speciļ¬c injury

87% say it helps their working performance


  • Health and wellbeing programmes also have a positive financial outcome for employers

  • For every £1 invested in an employee health and wellbeing programme, at least £4.17 can be expected as a benefit to cost ratio (BCR), according to a report carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and commissioned by the Health Work Wellbeing Executive in 2008

  • With increasing evidence being presented around the costs of work related illnesses and injuries, to individuals, to the NHS, to businesses and to our economy, isn't it time that employers took more responsibility for their employees and their work environment?



  • Body Mechanics Remedial Ltd founded by Nikki Roy in 2012http://www.linkedin/in/nikki-roy-2293411b

  • The mission statement - ‘Re-balance and Re-energise' To help people lead pain free lives. To help corporate businesses effectively fulfil their duty of care towards their employees through on-site health and wellbeing programmes

  • Company was founded after a work related back injury meant Nikki was unable to continue with her 12 year career in sales and sales management

  • Aware of a gap in the market for the effective management of work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), stress and the return to work (RTW) process by corporate businesses, Nikki retrained at St Mary's University College in Twickenham to become a Massage Therapist, specialising in the treatment of back pain, deep tissue and sports massage. She now collaborates with other health practitioners to deliver health and wellbeing programmes




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