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NewVIc welcomes French students

 27 February 2017


French Exchange, changing futures together

11 French students arrived at NewVIc College as part of an exciting exchange visit. All students are currently in their last year studying hospitality and business at Lycée Romain Rolland - Goussainville which is a college situated on the outskirts of Paris. The college specialises in the Commerce and Business Services Industry.

Accompanied by their teachers Sonia and Hassan, this particular course is unique to their college as it is the first course filled with only female students.

Sonia explained ‘‘This is an exciting trip for these girls, for many of them this is their first time away from their families as well as their first time in the UK. We really want the girls to speak English, so it's a great opportunity for them to meet students and to be in a different environment''.

To help the students get the most out of their visit the group Jaswinder Chagger sourced 6 NewVIc students to guide the girls throughout their stay. Their first day was opened with Principal Eddie Playfair who welcomed them, later they were taken on a tour of the college.

The exchange trip to the UK is an advantage to all students, NewVIc's Hanson Anthony Fernando is a Level 3 Business student, and is one of the chaperones taking care of a section of the group. Enthusiastically Anthony said:

‘'I am learning French, this is all good practise as I would like to attend the next exchange trip in 2018.''

Lycée Romain Rolland's student Celia Kadi said

‘'I really liked the diversity of origins with the respect of everyone's identity. It is a very good experience for us. People in London seem to be open-minded, it really corresponds to my vision of life.''

The students shadowed lessons on Friday; where Mélodie Lefebvre noticed that ‘‘the teaching styles used in class are different from France''.

So what's next? Students return this week for work placements outside the college which has been organised by the NewVIc Work Experience department.

This paves the way for more French students arriving from another French college on Tuesday, some of which will be undertaking 4 weeks work experience within the college - an exciting time for NewVIc.