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Latest News21 February 2017
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Nørresundby, Denmark, 21st February 2017

GateHouse Launches Cloud for Live Tracking of Loads at Sea

ghVessel combines satellite and terrestrial AIS data to provide ETA calculations of loads at sea; cloud can be accessed through a web portal or directly integrated into a business system

Data unifier and aggregatorGateHouse Logisticstoday announced that it has launched a new cloud serviceto provide valuable real-time tracking of loads port-to-port. Destined for manufacturers, cargo owners, logistic service providers, container owners and all other players in the supply chain, the cloud service calledghVesselcollects vessel AIS (Automatic Identification System) broadcast signals from satellite and land-based systems to calculate estimated time of vessel arrivals of loads at sea.

According to the latest statistics on the world's merchant fleet from research firmStatista, 51,405 vessels trade internationally. Of these, general cargo ships are the second most common type of ship and account for around 20% of the global merchant fleet ... approximately 11,000 vessels.

The new GateHouse cloud service is a smart but simple tool to use. Knowing the name of a vessel carrying a specific load, its arrival time at a port can be shown at anytime and anywhere on a ghVessel arrival board. By simply matching the vessel and a load, logistics providers will be able to view the location in near real-time and to calculate an ETA at the next port. The ghVessel service calculates next-port ETA based on years of historical data and typical vessel behavior combined with information found in the AIS transmission.

"Traditional ocean freight Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) often has days of latency between transmissions and is no longer fit for the dynamic logistics industry," says Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics. "ghVessel brings immediacy and transparency of load data to ocean freight logistics."

About GateHouse Logistics A/S

GateHouse Logistics A/S is a wholly owned subsidiary of the GateHouse Group. Its logistics systems track several hundred thousand units each day in ships, trucks and planes. The firm's flagship ghTrack platform provides transparency and visibility of all assets and deliveries throughout the entire supply chain. Users of GateHouse's unique data aggregation services are the world's leading transport companies as well as retail/wholesale companies and manufacturers. ghTrack is hardware agnostic and compatible with all telematics systems. The unified data stream can easily be integrated into any business system. Visit


Press contacts for further information, executive interviews and images:

Mette Lilkær, Strategic Sales & Marketing Manager, GateHouse Logistics

Landline: + 45 7020 1909. Mobile + 45 2920 2383

Hugh Paterson, CEO, Whoosh PR

Direct Landline + 33 467 55 99 12,Mobile +44 (0)77681 75452




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