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UK's first legal comparison site saves customers £1,000's

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A new cutting-edge contender in the world of comparison websites is saving customers hundreds of thousands of pounds since its launch last August.

The Law Superstore is the UK's first fixed price legal comparison site, allowing customers to easily compare prices for everyday legal services to ensure value for money and the best possible price for that service.

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For immediate release: Friday February 17th2017

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UK's first legal comparison site saves customers hundreds of thousands of pounds

Since its launch last August (2016) The Law Superstore has saved customers hundreds of thousands of pounds in quality legal services, from conveyancing to will writing.

The UK's first fixed price legal comparison site allows customers to easily compare prices for everyday legal services to ensure value for money and the best possible price for that service. The company has already helped customers get the best deal across 130 different legal services while providing an open and honest comparison of service quality.

After answering a few qualifying questions, the user-friendly site produces a list of pre-approved, trusted and quality-checked legal service providers based on the information given. Customers can then compare price, quality of service and distance, allowing for a well-rounded and informed decision making process.

The company's chairman, Jeff Winn, said: "When buying a house for the first time many people have no idea where to start when seeking a solicitor to do their house purchase or sale. The Law Superstore allows them to input their individual requirements, producing a bespoke and easily comparable list of potential providers. They can make an informed decision, looking at price, quality of service, ratings and distance in real-time, and all in one place."

The site doesn't ask for any personal information during the comparison process, making it simple and accessible in only a few clicks of a button. To make sure users are getting the best price and the right service for them, the site will automatically only display providers that are relevant based on the customer's needs. The price you see is the price you pay.

CEO Mathew Briggs added: "Perhaps the most cutting-edge aspect of the site is that it provides access to fixed pricing, capped pricing and set hourly rates for specific legal services. This modern approach to pricing ensures customer aren't hit with unexpected costs further down the line.

"In 2016, only 17 per cent of law firms were found to be publishing at least one price, making it a tedious and time-consuming task to shop around for the best price. If customers have nothing to compare, how can they know they're getting the best price?

"This new and innovative company has encouraged law firms to take a more commercial approach to charging for their services, resulting in a fairer, easier and more transparent experience for customers."

Customers can browse and search for free using any device day or night, making the process extremely efficient and accessible. As well as great savings for individuals, the site also offers comparison for businesses, from property to employment to disputes. Results are instant.

The Law Superstore has already assisted in shaping a more positive and modern pricing structure among legal providers, which has resulted in cheaper and fairer prices for customers' legal needs.

The business was conceived to bridge a gap in the market that was crying out for a more streamlined process for consumers of everyday legal services. Customers are often left with the difficult task of trying to determine which way to turn for legal representation for processes such as: buying a house, writing a will, getting a divorce or personal injury related matters - not anymore.

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Notes to Editors

The Law SuperstoreThe Law Superstore is an independent and impartial comparison website for legal services. Its purpose is to make the process of finding legal services as simple and transparent as possible. The service allows users to compare the best prices in under 30 seconds, get instant results and have access to fixed-pricing.

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Customer Testimonials

A very good site. It brought up several different quotes for my service which I was able to compare and I'm very satisfied with the provider I've chosen.


The site was well laid out and everything was easy to understand. Through The Law Superstore I found a great solicitor who has expert knowledge about the field I needed.  I did look at other sites in my search for a solicitor, but The Law Superstore was the only site that didn't want payment upfront.


Efficient and friendly. The site was well laid out. Everything was easy to understand and I was able to select a solicitor easily.


The website was really really good, I found it very easy to use and find the service I needed. It has been designed to look extremely professional and I really think it is a fantastic idea. I've actually got the website saved so if I do have the need for a legal service provider in the future I know where to go.

It's a really useful tool for finding a solicitor; I thought that the website was really well designed, clear and easy to use. I had no issues finding the service I required and liked the fact all the results were displayed in a comparison table, I can see that you have a wide range of firms on your panel.