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February 2017


Chris Adamson, who lived in his car for a year, is launching a revolutionary recruitment business called The Fruit Group, which he hopes will give people better access to jobs.

Chris, who has a degree in Horticulture, is passionate about people finding employment, having found himself homeless and out of work a few years ago. He shares his story: ‘I once lived in a car in Stroud, Gloucestershire for a year because I could not afford to have a house. I went to many recruitment agencies to find work and again and again they promised to help, but they never followed through with their promise to me, and no matter how hard I tried the work never showed up. I never want to see someone have to go through that because they don't have access to all the available jobs.

‘I would go to the local swimming pool every morning so I could get a shower and buy 19p bread and 28p beans. That was all I would eat all day. I parked in a lonely carpark in the middle of nowhere right through the winter. I never slept properly and yet it is the only option I had. I eventally found work through my own efforts, and this is why I wanted to set up an honest recruitment agency that can really help people find work and which is low cost to businesses so that they are able to showcase all that they have and match with job seekers.

‘If recruitment agencies were not based on profits but on values and people, then stories like mine wouldn't happen.'


Chris, 34, has launched The Fruit Group, which has its offices in Cheltenham, because of his own experiences of trying to find jobs and working in the recruitment industry. Chris says: ‘I found the recruitment industry septic and rife with false promises and deception. Clients were being lied to, given false information and only show a small section of the staff actually available, and candidates were promised the world but given a small wooden globe.


‘Clients were then charged a fortune and in the end, due to the candidate not being right for that role, the client would have a vacancy again and candidate would be jobless again. I wanted to find a way to fix this.'


The idea for the Fruit Group came to Chris last year. He says: ‘The business is an online recruitment portal that allows both clients and candidates to work together to find the right options for their business or career choice. The Fruit Group puts the control back in the hands of the people that matter and allows them to make informed decisions on what's best for them without 3rd party monetary influence.'


Chris adds: ‘The Fruit Group was conceived to honour the promise we all make as recruiters to candidates that, when putting them forward for a role, we do so with their best intentions at heart, safe in the knowledge that this specific role would allow them to grow and flourish in their chosen career.'


The Fruit Group not only allows candidates to apply directly to the employer showcasing their skills and experience but it also allows clients to search and hire candidates without the use of an agency. A simple process of search and selection will give any recruiter all the options to choose from. They can advertise their roles and gain maximum exposure for their business and vacancy, making sure the right people see the role and have the ability to apply.


Chris is clear about The Fruit Group's mission: ‘Ultimately The Fruit Group is the honest recruitment company with people in mind. We strive to offer transparent costs and flexibility to all, along with the promise that if you are looking for a job or looking for staff we will not stop you from getting access to the best.'


There are two prices only for business who use The Fruit Group's portal: £365 per year to advertise and £365 per year to access all staff both temp and perm (£730 for both).


Chris says: ‘We are here to give the control to businesses for just £2.00 per day for the full package. I really hope The Fruit Group in Gloucestershire will take off and we can expand across to the country so that more people can make the most of the amazing opportunities that are available. It's all about candidates finding the best job for them, because there are jobs out there and we want to help people find employment. Of course, we need the businesses to sign up and showcase their jobs, so we're holding an event to get the word out.'

To launch The Fruit Group to businesses in Gloucestershire, Chris is holding an event at Lily Gins in Cheltenham on 28 February from 6-930pm.


To sign up to the event, go to


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